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It was perfect atmosphere, it was perfect people. I never saw SUCH FRIENDLY community and atmosphere. Different people I met when was out to smoke / toilet / just at bar - MEGA FRIENDLY! It's impossible to buy such things, impossible to create. It is just how it should be.
You wouldn't be saying that if I hadn't left before you got there... :p

Great meet and kudos to Bryan for organising it again. Was good to meet up again with what are now becoming familiar faces.

When is the next meet again?
So again I've been to London, and what a trip it was. It felt like I didn't have a minute to rest. 11 hours from my door to the hotel, and by then I had just an hour to get ready for the first night.
We had a fun night in a pub we found. I, MaltesePlayer, dunover, Nikantw and Daniel. Two of them I met for the first time and the other two was so great seeing again:thumbsup:

Second day I was up early, no hangover;) and went out walking with my camera as usual.
I was going to have company by Incrediblestuff and we talked in the morning. Then it was just silence. Well, you know what happened to him so while he had a great time doing what he did, I got to see more of London:laugh:
I missed you crazy guy.

Then just get ready for the big evening. Wow it was crowded already when I got there 20 minutes late. That's rare.
I got to meet the guys from Twin that sent me there. I never thought I would have the opportunity again so thanks again. Marcin I've met before but Kasper was another good looking young guy. He was nice too :thumbsup:

I finally got to meet Rachel from Tra-daah, as great for real as she is in here:thumbsup: The rest from their company I met too of course but not for the first time.
The other one I met that I've been wanting to meet for a long time was Mark from 32Red. Lovely guy for real too :)

Embarrassing though was that there was this woman I recognize but I have a hard time asking people who they are when I know I've met them before. It turned out to be Carolina from CasinoMax, that I met in 2015 when she still worked for ClubWorld.
Yes another new one was Stephen Dawson who now is at Inetbet :thumbsup:

Then of course some VS guys. Both those I've met before and one new face. I think it was Tom from the Team(correct me if I'm wrong):oops:
Vitali and his gang. Sorry I didn't take the time to talk. Great seeing you there :)

Thanks Bryan and your gang from here, where I also had the pleasure of meeting new faces. There was so many this year.
Let's hope I have as many as possible on picture. I will start doing them today, so one day next week I will start a new thread as I usually do.
Dunover looks great in all of those I took and I think I will make a whole page just with pictures of him :D
Another Meister meeting done and dusted, and I'm already counting the days until next years!

It was great to meet everyone again, and of course to all those new faces that showed up.

Big thanks to @Casinomeister and the whole CM team for organising one of the best nights of the ICE calendar :thumbsup:

I am uploading the pics and vid to my pc right now. This is one of them

View attachment 103935

I may start a thread for them :)
Crazy how much of a difference the lighting makes between the Photos :D

If you are rocking an Android Phone you could look into whether or not there is a modded GCam (Google Camera, the ones that the Pixel lineup uses) for your Phone, from what i've heard it can make quite a big difference -- a whole lot of improvements can be made via Software - which is where Google is pretty much the go-to for now, for Smartphones anyways :)
Guys and Gals,
I've created a new Gallery category in order to add all the Photos / vids, so feel free to add them your pics and Vids. Please if somebody from the photos exposed there wouldn't appear, send us a msg in order to Distort / Remove the image.
Meister Meeting 2019 Media Content
Hey @Tirilej, no probs, feel free to start your own thread, but with your permision, I will add some of them in this gallery for a better organization and search. Of course I will add a direct link to your thread if somebody needs to get more info related to your photos.
Hey @Tirilej, no probs, feel free to start your own thread, but with your permision, I will add some of them in this gallery for a better organization and search. Of course I will add a direct link to your thread if somebody needs to get more info related to your photos.

That makes sense, and I will of course give you permission to do that. No need to ask :thumbsup:
What a trip, what an experience!

First day a cab picked me up from Heathrow and after meeting Daniel I checked in and then we had dinner at Angus Steakhouse. I had to try fish and chips and beer of course. Lovely finally meeting Daniel in person. We had a great conversation and talked about lots of things. Didn’t even realize how time flew by.

After dinner we headed to Trafalgar Square to meet MaltesePlayer, dunover and Tirilej. So nice to meet them all up close, though I may have been a bit overwhelmed and didn’t talk that much. By the 2nd beer it was time to call it a night (bar closed). Special thanks to Tirilej for arranging the night, keeping contact with me and helping me to break the ice. :thumbsup:

Second day I had it all planned. Early up and after a nice breakfast headed to Trafalgar Square to take the Big Bus Tour (red line). I saw everything! I hopped off for the river cruise and then up to the London Eye. After that I hopped on back to the Big Bus (red line) for the rest of the line right back to my hotel. The live guides were awesome, very informative and very funny. It was during the Bus Tour that I took the videos, so that I don’t miss anything and also keep the live commentary from the guides.

By the way, if you visit the London Eye don’t forget to take the 5 minute time to have the 4D experience; it is included in your ticket.

At the hotel (Leicester Square) I just got ready for the night and then right to the Meister Meet, right across the corner. It is a huge bar, built a bit like a maze. It took me a while to figure out where the meet was. Hint: look for the shield.

I arrived around 17:30. Many people were already there. Headed first towards MaltesePlayer and dunover, talking to interlog and Simmo. Tirilej found me when I went to grab a beer, showed me everybody and made the first introductions. I am usually shy, but everybody was so nice that it was very easy to speak too. :)

I spoke with @chris87, @VismundCygnus , @Tirilej , @dunover , @MaltesePlayer , @interlog , @Simmo! , @LadyJelena (even prettier up close), @Conor@Trada , @TradaCasino (Rachel) , Tony (Trada CEO, very friendly guy, can speak Greek!), @JGslots , @Mark_32Red , @Casinomeister , @pereblue ...... So many people, so I apologize if I am forgetting someone. :oops:

I had especially long conversations with @pereblue and @Conor@Trada . So interesting that I didn’t even realize when most people left. A bit too early maybe, I didn’t want the night to end. But I had an amazing day and a big smile on my face heading back to my hotel.

Next day I only had time to get ready. Cab picked me up at 10:00 for a 90 min drive to Gatwick and a flight home.

Daniel was unfortunately unable to come to the meet, but made sure I had a great time and also, wait for it, promised to take me to the Meister Meet again next year!!

I have no words, thank you @Dan_Pragmatic for everything! :cheers:

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