CM Announcement Meister Meeting 2020 - You're Invited!! FREE BEER!!!

would be nice some pictures :D
I would have liked to have been there but Italy is slightly distant :) :)
I have been sent a few. I will add some in this thread...
Photos from last night. 1580843739041.JPEGE6CF9F59-2CFE-4A8E-AA6F-91B121752D9E.jpg287FC97A-FEB0-4F7B-B440-0400D500CA0E.jpg7DF9E4C6-F880-47A4-B06C-A52DB8A46EEB.jpg618FDA0D-BF39-406F-A6C9-A6AFBEAC9248.jpgCA725284-1196-488A-A057-6336264E4128.jpg76F6B060-4183-40FD-B427-0CDC8687E477.jpg7C190D05-B2B9-423C-9D97-6CCDDA243F30.jpgE2D61C64-D254-415B-8DF6-706A36F79BC4.jpgB512A42E-7018-46DB-8101-D81A2C424C82.jpgC0C1028A-2159-4327-8714-1D1A9D320A3C.jpg4001B67D-9460-450F-8AF9-6764D7DA3ABB.jpg74E408AB-459C-4A64-B656-55CDE2E3A893.jpg43023546-A8D4-443D-9621-C699C916641A.jpg28C94807-8937-47E1-B345-258A66A3A1C2.jpg822C2E06-854F-4853-9801-FA79E1AE6762.jpg6BB2586A-4989-4E0B-B05F-A635013A2C28.jpgDF790F9A-1F0E-4229-97F4-FC6B95375D60.jpgF6FED7E0-78B2-4593-B17B-80D5CA329B90.jpg


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Who’s who?
I'm the one with more chins than a Chinese telephone book, Bryan is playing the guitar and Dunover is the one trying to hide his bald patch with a woolly hat... :p

Found some clips from the meet.
How much beer did you guys drink?

Pretty sure this is Jelena.

Go outside for a smoke? Not when theres free beer.
Think its Goatwack.

Jan getting his first serving of beer for the night.

Think this is Pereblue drinking, with Nick from Nickslots cheering him on.

There are so many more, but its so much nudity involved in the ones from later on, and some things are better left unseen.

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