Lucky18 paid me!! (ROGUE!!)


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Apr 4, 2008
Today I woke up to a shocking email that Lucky 18 had released my funds to me!

This all started 5 months ago....I won $100 (the max cashout) on a free chip. I kept getting the run around with Sebastian (their manager?) for weeks. I had never made a deposit there, and won off a freebie, so I was required to deposit half of my winnings to receive my money (this is in their terms). Well I did not feel comfortable giving them $50....and asked what are the terms with the $50 I give them. Do I have to wager it? Can I just cash it out on top of the $100? I never got a straight answer and was told I would have to set up a conference call with management to discuss my withdrawal! LOL!!!

Finally I just gave up, but still contacted them every other week or so and was met with the same response: I need to set up a conference call with management. Geez, what if I REALLY won something?

So about a month ago I got a surprising email saying that they were going to wire my funds. I attempted to contact them to make sure they had my bank account number on be honest I forgot if I gave them that info...Well I could never get them to reply. I sent about 10 emails, made about 20 calls, and about 20 attempts at live chat....NOTHING! So I just said screw it and uninstalled...wasn't a big loss anyways, but I really hate being dicked around....even if its on a freebie from a rogue casino.

And so today out of an email with my confirmation number for a moneygram. I haven't heard from them in a month, I haven't attempted to contact them in 3 weeks....and they just pay out of the blue. They didn't even take any fees out for the withdrawal.

Now i am DEFINATELY NOT suggesting people play here.

Maybe others are finally getting overdue payments? I know there is a PAB in progress as well...


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Feb 10, 2010
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A few people on another forum got paid today too. It took way to long, and even though they paid, still a shady rogue IMO.

Glad you got your cash:thumbsup: Good luck!


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Sep 4, 2007
Well done in getting your cash. They owe me a little money but I don't even bother chasing them anymore. I haven't played at many shady casinos but I would vote these guys as the worst I have ever come across.