ECOGRA- my complaint case

Don't think I would have believed them if they told me I won 121k if I didn't know what game it was on because u can easily check what has been won. Unless I was playing progressive slots and then maybe I could believe it.

But to tell you that you have won that amount many times does seem a bit strange surprised they haven't thought about giving you a small good will gesture, if you played the 19k back through their site then that would be more reason to give you some sort of good will gesture

Can't be many cases like this very odd
It's an odd one, had it been me I'd have waited before spending significant amounts, however might have had an extra dabble if I had comfortable, available funds anyway but then there's a risk of chasing, so on that basis should a gambling firm be able to do this [genuine mistake or not] and face no comeback.

You're contacting a gambler to tell him he's come into a lot of money, not just a general member of the public, there should be a 'responsibility' factor I feel.

This kind of thing must happen very rarely and is unusual, but I wonder how a civil law Judge would view it on the basic facts and whether the laws available to him could allow him to rule against the casino. Or apply a reasonable person test, what would they do in this instance - just wait till the money arrived?

I couldn't see it in the posts but if he deposited the 19k with them [after they told him abt the win] that would put it on another level, surely?
Thanks for your input, I spent the 19k elsewhere on different betting sites
It's a gamble but if I plead my case right and have a good lawyer then that's a price I'll pay, I'm unemployed have an income of 1200 a month so if it comes to it I'll pay it threw a payment arrangement
No good lawyer that could possibly win a case like this is going to take any "I'll pay you 100 a month for the next decade" kind of payment arrangement.

I know you're pissed off, but do not sink any more money into this. Depending on the casino they might not even give a shit even if you won in court. What's the court going to do if the casino is in some tax haven where they don't have any say?

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