WARNING Luckland non-payments and ignoring player issues


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
Several months ago a player came to us with what amounted to a non-payment issue: several times they'd requested payments from their €3000+ balance and the payments had either been cancelled without explanation or reduced to a fraction of that requested without warning.

The player finally brought the issue to us, we started discussions with the casino (via the forum representative). They initially claimed that the player was behaving somewhat like a known group of bonus abusers but they freely admitted they had no good evidence to suspect a connection. They asked that they player sign and submit a "confidentiality waiver" before we proceeded further.

The player did sign and submit the waiver and then ... nothing. The rep fell silent, the casino was totally unresponsive and the player was still unpaid.

WARNING: Luckland appears to be using a variety of tactics to stall payments and/or ignore player complaints. Players would be well advised to look elsewhere for their gaming services until Luckland has demonstrated that they are paying their players properly and are resolving player complaints.