Lost Christmas money


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Dec 11, 2019
Can’t believe I did this. Lost all Christmas present money. Thought I had ‘won’ it back, but the two sites I am awaiting the money from (bronze casino and stay lucky casino) are dragging their heels. I’ve googled and they both look like scam sites. I’m worried I gave them all my personal details and ID and did telephone verification so they have my voice (which you can use to access bank accounts now).

feel sick. Not sure how I’m going to deal with Christmas and pretty sure I won’t get my money back.
Seriously ??? why would you gamble money you clearly cant afford to lose? You need to self exclude if you cant stop yourself doing things like that. You have broken the golden rule "dont gamble what you can't afford to lose"
Yeah - this really sucks. You need to learn to use Google and search for reviews on any casino you're thinking about trying. "bronze casino review" will bring up a load of review sites - skip the obvious cheerleader reviews - look for the ones that are balanced with proper criticisms - like this one:
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Really feel for you. Sorry to hear.

Please dont try and chase those losses or think you can make it right by gambling. I dont know you but I know that if my mindset is not right I tend to lose.

I tried chasing losses twice. Once got lucky and the other got me even worse. Never again. Maybe time to consolidate and if you do decide to gamble, maybe some smaller amounts = lower risk.

Dont despair. Tomorrow is another day and life can change dramatically in minutes.
I have self excluded. From all UK sites. Stupidly, these sites were on one of those ‘list of casinos that don’t use Gamcare’.
Logic clearly doesn’t work when you have an addiction. :-( it’s not called ‘problem gambling’ for nothing...

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