Lost 29 straight JoB hands


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May 12, 2006
At Monte Casino which uses B3W software, I played 20 hands and lost them all. Logged on the next day and played 9 more. Lost them all. I won my 30th with a high pair.
According to my calculations the odds of losing 29 in a row are about 1/33million.
Anyone have experience with this site or software?
I'm sure this could happen in theory - but I'd check out the 'English Harbour' thread over in the other forum... Showed everything that was great about this board, when a few players were able to test out - and quickly get a good sample size. Not familiar with this casino or software... Post up the details and I'm sure a few people will have a go!
Bent Game

There was an earlier thread on this. The software is "bent" in that the game is NOT Video Poker at all but is actually a weighted slot machine with 5 cards instead of 5 reels. 20 to 30 losing spins on a slot is not uncommon, but the deception lies in the fact that the paytable does not give a guide to the house edge.
I tried this software in fun mode after reading the other thread, and it looked "bent" to me too!
Do you know where that thread is? Terrible. So I win with the frequency of a slot machine but get paid like JoB? The game is actually named Jacks or Better Original. This is very deceptive and I wonder why B3W software isn't rogued. Are there any good B3W games?

Here's the game description for "Jacks or Better Original" from their site:
Jacks or Better

Draw poker is an extremely popular game.
Monte Casino has created its Jacks or Better Video Poker game with genuine video poker graphics and sounds.
Your total wager determines the payout amount.

Choose the amount you wish to wager by clicking on the Monte Casino coin of your choice.
Please check that you have credit in the middle right of the Video Poker Machine.
Then, press the DEAL button to receive your cards.
Then, click on the cards you wish to hold.
When you press DRAW, you will receive new cards in the positions of the cards that were not held.
To exit the Draw Poker game and return to the main menu, you must play out the hand you have been dealt and then click on the "Exit" button.

Royal Flush
Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of one suit
Straight Flush
Five cards with sequential ranks and the same suit
4 of a kind
Four cards of the same rank
Full House
Three cards of one rank and an additional pair of a different rank
Five cards of the same suit
Five cards with sequential ranks of any suit
3 of a kind
Any three cards of the same rank
Two Pairs
Any two pairs
A pair of Jacks or better
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I have also played for real money at a casino with B3W software. About a year ago I lost my deposit at lightning speed at Aero Player playing Jacks Or Better Video Poker. I have played at hundreds of casinos over the last 5-6 years and only at a few I have had clear feeling that I was not offered a fair game. That was the feeling it got playing with B3W software.
blubber said:
Thanks, that explains it. Nobody thinks they should be rogued for deception?
If they're not rogued already I think they should be rogued without a second thought. It's a no-brainer, as our cousins over the pond say :D
Dear Blubber,

What makes you think that our video poker is a slot machine ?
I can guarantee you that our video poker has nothing to do with the Slotland video poker software issue.
We are in contact with B3W, which is the software designer, we have asked them to check the Jacks or Better statistics and your games history details.
As soon as we get the results of their investigation, I will provide you a fully detailed answer.


Philippe THOMAS

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Blubber wrote:
> Hello, I sent you an email but did not receive a reply. I played your
> JoB game and was destroyed! I lost 29 hands in a row. That's outrageous.
> What's the problem with your game? I heard that it's actually a slot
> machine, not a Video Poker game at all. Why didn't you state that on
> your site?
Blubber, if they have a slot machine masquerading as VP, they should be rogued.

Like Vesuvio said, it's a no-brainer.

I am sure they will reply that 29 hands is too small a sample to make a case.
I tried the fun mode, and it seemed just as crappy as the real mode. Unfortunately, VP requires a large sample to work out the percentage, but a smaller sample should determine the fairness at the pair and 2 pair level, as without a fair start, the higher hands cannot be won as easily either.

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