Issues with Live Casino


Jun 7, 2022
Been a member with for a year or two, nice sportsbook, decent bonus and timely payouts, HOWEVER the live casino is a different situation and want to see if anyone else has had or heard of the same problems I’ve had….

Decided to transfer $2,000 last night from the sportsbook to the casino. Played the live blackjack that if offered, think it was a $25-1,000 max table. Was watching it for a few minutes before I decided to try it out,

Started with a $50 wager, got a 20, lost the hand. Tried another $50 and lost again. Started to make larger wagers and pushed 5 straight times with a 20, last few hands I had a 20 and the dealer getting 6-7 card 21’s to bust me out.

I think the shoe was rigged so I immediately make contact in the chat for a pit boss and was given the runaround, they didn’t want to listen to my complaints and told me to contact my book to make any complaints, makes no sense, I wanted a shoe recount as I have never seen what just happened in my life, I think the shoe was loaded with cards and not to my advantage.

I reported this to Youwager customer service and am still going back and forth with them. At the end of the day the casino is part of Youwager and they should make things right especially if there was possible wrong doing going on here.

So far no reply. Anyone else have issues?

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I've never played there and I can't even seem to be allowed on their site. Seems I'm blocked for some reason. However, if you've been satisfied with their site for years, then highly unlikely that their live casino would somehow be rigged.

I mean, blackjack is a game where you'll either win big or lose big IMO. Oh the times I've lost with 20 against the dealers 21. It's almost funny how the dealer almost always seems to get 21 when you've got 20.

I mean of course they're going to be a bit tired of people complaining. I'd bet there's hundreds of losing players a day complaining about how their games are rigged. Guess what, they are rigged. Rigged to make the player lose in the end. That's the way this business works.

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