Problem with VP at Casino Broceliande (B3W)


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Oct 25, 2005
South Carolina
First of all, greetings to the forum, and I appreciate anyone who can help me check this. I recently played several hands of VP at Casino Broceliande, a B3W flash-based casino. I quickly lost all my money (deposit+bonus.) My results seemed to be inconsistent with a fair game, so I wanted to post them to see if anyone else can evaluate the software to confirm my suspicions. (I have yet to PAB- I will do so if the forum agrees that there's something wrong here. Don't want to make waves over bad luck.)
Results: (playing the simple JoB strategy from WizofOdds) 66 bets made, 4 Jacks or Better one pairs.
That's it. What really aroused my suspicions was the fact that all 4 pairs made were predraw. I never once, in 66 hands, drew to a winning hand.
Here's the link to the game in question:
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Thanks for any help.

J or B

I have just played in Demo, and I too would be just slightly suspicious, not because of not getting more than one Jacks or Better in a smallish sample, but the fact it is FULL PAY and also progressive for ANY Royal Flush. Full Pay has a house edge of around half of 1%, and a progressive RF will quickly make the house edge negative if it builds too far above the 4000 credit norm, the point at which this will happen can be worked out from the VP tables at Wizard of Odds. If the game is truly random, it is very fair indeed!!
A bigger sample of hands is needed before cheating can be proven, I don't think 66 is enough in single hand VP.
I have also noticed some strange things at B3W video poker. Small pairs never 2 pair up, and there seems to be an enourmous amount of straights, specifically broadway straights. I never collected any data, but what i saw was enough for me not to ever go back. Just a thought
Holy smokes! I just tried the demo from the link you provided. Played 14 hands before I got any pay. Then it was 22 more hands before I got another pay.

What a joke! In fact, what an insult!


i had similar nasty results with play money

.....maybe it's rigged but if so they are only cheating the French...... :lolup: no crime in that :lolup:
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Based on my small sample play, I would say that the cards are non-random.

However, most VP in Europe, as you Europeans should be able to attest to, are fixed odds machines which do not deal random cards anyhow. Just never seen one with a Vegas paytable...

VWM - nearly every hotel in Vegas has a progressive jackpot VP game, and there are indeed many times when the payback exceeds 100%. In fact, there are groups of people scouting these machines, and when a jackpot reaches, say, $5000 on a $1 machine, they call all their friends and they will hoard the machines until someone hits the RF. Then, just as quickly as they came, they will disappear :)

However - applying the same type of principle used to identify a problem in the EH thread, I would say that numerous reports of an unusual game is likely to be problematic. Where there's smoke, there's fire. This JOB, in my limited and small sample opinion (LOL) is not random. has created its Jacks or Better Video Poker game with genuine video poker graphics and sounds.
That seems to be where it stops being genuine. They should team up with Slotland :rolleyes:
spearmaster said:
However, most VP in Europe, as you Europeans should be able to attest to, are fixed odds machines which do not deal random cards anyhow. Just never seen one with a Vegas paytable...
VP in UK casinos should be fair, but the paytables suck. I saw proper full pay JoB in Malta. VP looking machines in amusement arcades and other unregulated locations are rigged, I have seen some that would return over 120% if they were fair.
I probably haven't visited enough casinos in the UK, because I haven't seen a single VP machine that wasn't an amusement machine.

I should, however, clarify my statement above, because it is probably incorrect.

The majority of VP machines that I have seen are in amusement arcades - and these are definitely rigged like fruit machines.

The machines I have seen in casinos in the Netherlands, Spain, Monte Carlo and France have poor paytables, but are probably random.

The VP machines that I have seen in Macau - until recently - were the same type of machines found in UK amusement arcades. This is changing, however, since the Sands has standard IGT machines and I expect most other casinos will soon follow. However - full pay is still rare, as I recall I only saw one machine which had FP JoB.
i wasn't aware of the existence of such non-random VP machines. still, such a machine should be clearly labeled or it's rigging, cheating, criminal or whatever term doesn't offend you.

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