Littlewoods Blackjack Freeze


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Jul 25, 2005
Roanoke, VA
Not my week so far with the Cryptos :confused:

I played 2 hands of blackjack at Littlewoods casino around 1:00 PM EST 7/26/05. I lost the first, won the second one, and then the game froze after winning. I tried logging out, then logging back in multiple times, and still frozen. The game flashes a pop-up saying my previous game was terminated, and my last bet will be restored now. The Blackjack screen game appears with a $1 chip in the betting area, but no game action can be taken.

I've e-mailed Littlewoods support mulitple times about this today, and no response aside from the auto-reply of high volume e-mail. Also on their support page, it says their call center is down due to "maintenance"

Frustrations are growing here. Any advice?

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