The great Slots Are Rigged tournament

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neon claws

Jan 5, 2020
So I was playing a slot earlier, won $21,000,000, and then it was like the casino just flicked a switch, didn't matter which game I played I just couldn't get a $21mil win to save my life.
So that got me to thinking, about slots, and how they're rigged, just like the election that was stolen.
And I thought; man, slots are rigged.. but why not make a competition for my fellow slotters to help ease the pain of having to play these rigged slots?
And so this:

Whoever gets the lowest return (per bet multiplier) over 100 spins of any slot, wins $150, via PayPal or crypto.

Here's how you enter; go to your favorite casino, load your favorite game, record a video with your phone (no screen recording software) of you posting a reply to this thread saying "I'm in!" and then record your 100 spins, no cuts or editing.
The reply post is so I know you haven't just tried fifty times.
Once your spins are done, work out what your return % was (total bets/total pay) and post a new reply (don't edit original post) with your result.

Only the winner has to send me the video proof.
I do not want everyone sending me videos, only if you win.

Since this is a thread about losing I feel like whoever gets second place, by virtue of being the first loser, should also get $20. Second loser gets nothing, try harder next time.

And finally, if anyone is just having a rough time financially at the moment and could use a bit of cash to help meet a debt let me know via pm, I've put aside up to $100 for that in total also.

More rules:
Competition runs for a week since we just missed the weekend.

No games that are obvious shoe ins for dead spins/no pays, no 1-line bets, no gambles etc.. although things like Temple Tumble, where you often go 25 sounds without a pay are OK, if I think the winner was just being a dog then I'll go to the next loser, at my discretion*.

Up to two entries per player allowed.

Prizes are in AUD.

Slots are rigged.

*Clarification on what games are allowed: I've been playing Wheel of Wonders for a couple hours and it's eaten 600x my bet without a feature and i think the highest pay was 8x, so as a rule of thumb for if a game is allowed it's this; if I (me) can go and play it for 100 spins and get close to your result it's not allowed.
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You're being very generous Neon! props to you, and after reading the first few lines of the comp part, i was like, how are we - the pecuniary less fortunate punters - going to participate? :D

Then i thought, well, my 100 spins returned absolute zero, but damned, it's hard to record imaginairy spins on a phone! :p
Thanks for sharing though, and good luck to those that enter!

Pro tip: The harshest game i recently tried out was Raptor..prolly a really good candidate for getting bad results in 100 spins!
Good idea & generous of you, as I'm on a year out, I can't play but eye of horus has taken 100 spins without a win at ladbrokes i was god smacked.
I visited well over 10 slots with a starting balance of £55 yesterday and NOT ONE of them bonused, nor gave a win over 20x

Yes seriously.

Had I done this a couple of years back I 100% guarantee this would not of happened.

Crooked bullshit industry and yes I'm a self proclaimed idiot for continuing to feed their fat overflowing bellies.
I could show you a thing or two about losing on the slots, but gambling budget is done for a couple of weeks so won't be participating.

I was quite harsh on you in your other thread but props to you for running this...good luck to those that win :cool:
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Sorry - but can't have you running any $$ tourney here. We have had our share of headaches with threads like these in the past. Cheers!
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