Level 11 ( U.S. MG CLONE) Will It Ever Come Back?


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Aug 24, 2010
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I'm sure some of you people remember playing Level 11 software for a little
while; Rich Reels, Villento Casino, Casino Share.

So, what's the chance of at least ONE casino coming back using
Level 11 so we can play and get a smidgen of a taste of MG software again?

If English Harbour can get resurrected, so can Level 11. :D


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Mar 3, 2010
modesto, ca
Im with you, I desperately want them to come back, that was the last casino i have cashed out at, in what two years now!!!! UNREAL, if you ask me, talk about unfair odds in the U.S., I despise it.


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Oct 14, 2004
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Unlike EH, the Level 11 software would need permission from Microgaming because of the games, so is unlikely to come back. It is believed that "level 11" didn't even exist, and it was Microgaming all along, who had simply created a version stripped of their corporate branding, with an illogically derived subset of games so as to allow the claim that they had "licensed some games to the developer" to have credibilty. When Level 11 pulled out, it was all down to Microgaming, and had this been a TRUE sublicensing arrangement, this would have been a breach of contract that would have driven the level 11 developer out of business overnight, yet despite this there was not a peep of dissent from them, they happily rolled over and died just because MGS asked them to. This would NEVER happen in the real business world; the employees would kick up a fuss about their overnight redundancy from a completely solvent business, and the board/owners would not let their investment vanish overnight, along with their jobs and boardroom salaries. Instead, they would at least insisted on MGS upholding their side of the existing licensing arrangement, and it would have just meant no more MGS games. The developer would then have pulled out all the stops to get their own portfolio of games developed.

Instead, it was the OPERATORS that acted. They found "partners" to refer their US players to, with Jackpot Capital getting Jackpot Factory players for example.

For US players, they will have to await regulation, which could then be followed by Microgaming coming back to them through US licensed operators.


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Aug 16, 2009
At least VWM explains himself in great detail, and tries to support his theories.
I would have to agree that probably Level 11 probably won't come back online. I think Microgaming has found too much risk in trying to keep the US market alive. The only problem is the US market as many people have admitted is huge. A lot of online gaming sites are loosing money by not keeping us on board. Yet there loosing money when they do because processors get snatched, people get in prosecuted, and sometimes money just gets "lost" in transit.