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Mar 7, 2003
I e-mailed kiwicasino's CS yesterday to clarify terms of their 10% Neteller bonus. Their response was not really pertinent to my question, but a generic:

"We would like to let you know that on each deposit that you make you are guaranteed a bonus on each deposit unless you have received a separate promotion from the regular 10%."

Sounds good, but this didn't really answer my question, so I followed up. This time (same CS person, if you can trust the signatures) the response was much different:

"Apparently, this bonus promotion is not an active one. Therefore any deposits via Neteller will not be credited with the 10% bonus."

Weird, huh? If it's not an active promotion, I wonder why it's on their website. I would have been a little upset if I made the deposit and *then* found out that the promotion wasn't active.

Casinos, an important part of trust between player and casino is keeping your page current to avoid accusations of "bait and switch."

And then a minute ago I got another e-mail from the same CS person saying to disregard her second e-mail; the promotion is good after all.

Casinomeister, you might as well bust the entire thread. I don't see any value in devoting a whole thread to the saga of a confused CS person. And the title is not really accurate anymore, either. Sorry,

I must be doing something wrong, I play and play at many casinos and hardly ever get to cash out. I played at Kiwi Wedneday night I deposited 250.00 dollars and was out of money within the hour and I was making small bets the same with lucky nugget. I know gambling is chance but continuous lose is hard to take . Also with starluck I deposited 20 and got the bonus of 20 I hit a 200.00 payoff right away but could not cash out because of bonus rules. After I was playing on my money it was downhill all the way. Is it me or what can anyone reply thanks sandkey
Hi Sandkey, I'd say it depends upon what you're playing and how you're playing. I've had similar experience at all 3 casinos you've mentioned, but then I recently hit a royal at Kiwi for $1k and 4 deuces at lucky nugget for $300. I haven't gone back to Starluck, since I had noluck there.

So what games are you playing and for what kind of stakes? Do you set limits (upper & lower) for your play or do you play till your busted?

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