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I saw that loren was looking for feedback on this slot. It's basically a copy of Hound Hotel. It comes with Dashing Wilds and a free spins bonus round where you can earn up to 24 free spins. The free spins also has multipliers and Bonus Wilds attached to it like Hound Hotel. It was typical Microgaming pap for me. No real big wins from it during the time and played but it was still fun enough. It might be something to give a quick spin on if you're bored or have a spare minute but I'm not convinced by it to be honest.



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I was also wondering what is the "math" on the 25 max payouts..
Like Jurrasic park a little over 6000 to 1
FROL somewhere around 9000
Those vampires around 12000 to 1
Game of thrones upwards of 24000 to 1

so what is the story on this latest batch of 25 liners?


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I rather like Kitty Cabana. I find the FS far too few and between, but worth a few pulls to try - I find the bonus engaging enough. :)


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I am very much liking Kitty Cabana. I know Hound Hotel is the equivalent but between these 2 slots I am having much more luck on Kitty Cabana. When I say luck I mean triggering free spins which lets face it is the most exciting aspect of the game. In my short time with the game I have had at least 10 bonus rounds with 2 of them triggered by 4 scatters. Best free spin round is about x100 so I'm not expecting huge payouts but so far the consistency that the free spin triggers is a positive for me. Of course that can change at any given time but I say play whichever one you feel you have the most luck on and its great that you can track your top 5 wins too!

At first I was getting split wilds alot but now I am getting pretty much all the other ones randomly. I think frozen wilds is the one I would be most happy to get, along with x3 multiplier and about 20 free spins (with the pick again feature). I have only got frozen wild once though - the most being split wilds and super stacked reels. The base game triggers alot of small wins which is good and the best I have managed is only x50 with about 2-3 reels of stacked wilds so I'm not expecting that much on base game. I have not seen dashing wilds appear that much but when they do it seems a guaranteed win even if its a small one.

I don't think the max payout is that big I think this is a low-medium variance slot that can keep your balance ticking over nicely if you happen to trigger free spins but if I did say 200 spins and did not get a bonus round I'm not going to touch this slot for that session. Would love to see x300 + screenshots of this slot!


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I've only played both of them once, but based on that alone, I would probably opt to play Kitty more often.

A few stats based on the two sessions.

Most wilds in one base game spin - Kitty 10 Hound 7

Biggest base game win - Kitty 92.64x bet Hound somewhere around 46x bet (it was definitely under 50x)

Biggest bonus round win - Kitty 164x bet Hound 134.4x bet

Spins played - Kitty 2177 Hound 3568

Profit/Loss - Kitty £18.09 profit Hound £29.87 loss

Extra Picks - Don't know the exact numbers, but Hound gave a lot more of them, Kitty only gave me 2.

Increased multipliers - Hound gave them way more often

5OAKing higher paying symbols - Kitty won this hands down

100x wins - Hound 3 Kitty 1 - But that was because Hound consistently gave better multipliers.
However, the one and only time I got a 3x on Kitty, I got my only win of £40 or more.

Variance - I think Kitty's is higher.

But like I said, it is only after one session of each. But for the moment, I'd favour Kitty over Hound. I think I'd stand a better chance of getting
the elusive full screen of wilds on Kitty, because the appearance of multiple wilds was noticeably higher.


Interesting to see the experiences you guys have had with it so far. I was always more of a dog person in real life but given the stats mentioned above I might have to give the cats more of a chance!