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ATTN: Casino Rep Jackpot Party : VIP program unattainable & Staff not sure either !

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Nottsogreen, Jul 4, 2012.

    Jul 4, 2012
  1. Nottsogreen

    Nottsogreen Experienced Member MM

    Sales Director
    Nottingham, UK
    Even their own support staff dont understand it !

    I just came off live chat with a support guy at Jackpot Party.

    I was reading the T's and C's of their VIP program (having played a fair bit there)

    It clearly states that every £10 WAGERED generates one "point".
    (Slots £10 wagered = 1 reward point
    Roulette/Card Table/Instant £20 wagered = 1 reward point
    Video Poker/Blackjack £60 wagered = 1 reward point)

    The qualification tier for their VIP scheme is 20,001 points. That (in my head) equates to £200,000 wagering (turnover) in a single MONTH. (Or £1.2m on VP/BJ!)

    I thought that seemed excessive for a month.

    So i thought I would clarify it

    the conversation (abbreviated) went like this @

    :XXXX: The 20,001 you are referring to is Jackpot Party Reward Points that you would need to accumulate.
    XXXX: It's not referring to turnover as in the amount you would need to deposit or wager.
    Me : ok...i get that
    Me : BUT
    Me : Slots Every £10 played awards 1 reward point
    Me : so to GET 20k points, i must (by definition) turnover 200K ?
    Me : is that right ?
    XXXX: That would be wagering amount not necessarily depositing but yes, I see where you are coming from.

    I push a little more

    Me : you agree that i must wager nearly a quarter of a million pounds ($300000) to get to your vip status ?
    XXXX: It would be a culmination of the two and over the period of time a player plays with us.
    Me : culmination of WHAT two ?
    XXXX: The any deposits and wagering. It would be a culmination of both. So not just wagering and not just deposits but both.
    Me : Surely deposits are irrelevant
    Me : if i deposit £10 & turn it over a gazillion times, i would still qualify
    XXXX: Theoretically that would be a possibility. Even if it was so you would get one point for that £10. The likely hood of that however is probably very low and therefore you need to include deposits and wagering when it comes to the culmination of the Reward Points.
    Me : LOL
    Me : no
    Me : the deposits are irrelevant
    XXXX: We'll have to agree to disagree on that point .

    I was confused at thispoint, (and im sure he was too). SO i asked again

    XXXX: I have already told you above. If every £10 you deposit and play with then that equates to the points. You need to wager it but if you deposit £10 and play with it and get to zero straight away then you have one point for that deposit that you have wagered.
    Me : so you agree that it is the WAGER that generates one point
    Me : if i deposit £10 and withdraw it, i DONT get a point
    Me : I am just seeking clarity here

    XXXX: Of course you would need to wager it but someone winning £1000 on £10 deposited would get a different amount of points to someone depositing £10 and that going in one go.
    Me : only if they wager it !
    Me : if i deposit £10 and win £1000 first spin....i dont get any points
    Me : only when i continue to wager does that £990 generate points, surely ?
    XXXX: Of course you would need to wager it but someone winning £1000 on £10 deposited would get a different amount of points to someone depositing £10 and that going in one go.

    So to sum up, on a site that has just launched its 2 new games with a MAX bet of £2.40, i need to turn over about $300,000 ni amonth to get to VIP status. And their own staff dont get it either.

    Love the site, games are reasonable, but im going to forget any VIP ambition i may have had.! ;-(
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  2. Jul 4, 2012
  3. ChopleyIOM

    ChopleyIOM Hearthstone Addict webby

    Kobold Geomancer
    If the videos on their own YouTube channel are to be accepted as genuine, they have players rolling at £150 per spin, so £200,000 of wagering at that point becomes conceivable.

    But for any kind of normal player, the best thing you can do with Jackpot Party's VIP programme is pretty much ignore it and just cash in 1000 points every so often (not very often!) for a tenner :D
  4. Jul 4, 2012
  5. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    It keeps the riff-raff out, much like gaining entry to Eton is not just about how clever you are.

    One would expect significant perks for that level of wagering, else the high rollers wouldn't even bother.

    Maybe the staff are confusing the defined loyalty levels with the VIP club. It is much like 32Red and Club Rouge, where no amount of wagering, not even £2 million, is enough on it's own to gain entry.

    I noticed the same structure at GNUF. They had loyalty levels where the perks increased the more you wagered, and I though that was it. Then in wagering to hit the top tier, I got my self into their hallowed VIP club, where an additional set of benefits turned up, mostly based on the same loyalty tiers and rules, but with significantly enhanced benefits at each.

    There may be a similar structure at Jackpot Party, and the upper tiers would be by invite, not based on wagering, which is why the staff seem to be giving a confusing message by talking about the loyalty tiers and needing 200K of wagering to reach the top, and then saying that there are factors other than wagering that affect the status.

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