Is Williams Interactive winding down?


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OK so we're now into the 5th month of 2015 and so far Williams have released ... 1 slot. OMG Kittens. Whoopee.

This has got to be the worst year so far for Williams slot releases since they started online. I'm thinking they've perhaps been affected by the SG takeover, and that they are only getting a small quota of SG's release numbers. They seem to be pushing the poor Barcrest and low RTP Bally slots out harder.

Worse, a lot of Williams Studio development time seems to be being wasted into free-to-play Play4Fun network games, with a lot of great casino titles such as Knight's Keep, Queen Of The Wild 2, Neptune's Quest, Forbidden Dragons, Nordic Spirit, Great Zeus, Napoleon & Josephine ONLY being released on that network.

Now, we know that Zeus 1000 and Monopoly (not the new Barcrest Monopoly) are on the release roadmap, but the current situation is still poor... very poor. Hoping for a comeback in the second half!


Interesting thought. I'm a big WMS Gaming/ Williams Interactive fan. Your suggestion about the Scientific Games takeover is an intriguing one. I don't know if I would see any logic behind them winding down the Williams Interactive arm though. The Monopoly slot from Barcrest was released using the Williams Interactive platform though wasn't it?

Zeus 1000 will be a fascinating release. I've enjoyed Zeus and Zeus III. Not played Zeus II on the social platform. Maybe they are just taking their time over new release. OMG! Kittens wasn't that bad though was it?

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i don't think they are winding down at at all given the bally deal that took place last year, the major disappointment for real money players however is their increased focus on socials slots, thankfully the WMS Monopoloy slot looks a little more promising than the barcrest version, as that one has beaten me up and spat me out the other side this month after a good start :D.

there was couple of new slots i hadnt seen before on the sg site too recently that werent tagged as social slots so there is some hope :oops:
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