Is this normal? 28k spins on Ted Megaways no Bonus Feature Hit

Think my longest without a bonus was also at 32. Just shy of 1K spins on Spring Break on 0.18p spins with no feature.

No complaints tho, when I finally stopped using them think I was about 6K ahead which for a £20 dipper, minimum bet player is awesome lol.

Pre rigged days of course :p
@L&L-Jan @Mark_Lottomart ever had a game run 28,000 spins with no bonus round or win over 16x?

I find that hard to believe, I've seen with over 1000s of spins RTPs of like 10% on Fishin Frenzy or Eye of Horus but with 28k spins on Ted? I would suggest to drop the casino history so we can all analyze it.
Agreeing with the above. Not impossible, but realistically, incredibly unlikely. I'd go buy a lottery ticket.

A few questions though.

1. What Casino? Is it regulated?
2. Did your brother play at the same Casino?
3. Can you provide the data of the 28,000 spins?

If regulated and you can provide the data, then I suggest requesting the Casino audit the game, and also providing said data to the regulator so they can do the same.
Yeah, it's as bent as a nine bob note.

Even if loading 28 separate sessions at 1K spins a piece, eyebrows would begin raising midway through the 2nd session I'd imagine 🤔

With Megaways 'mechanics' a law unto themselves however, it wouldn't be beyond reason for a player to carry on, partly out of curiosity, or perhaps because they even 'like' the game.

Even if 'Hate-playing' a title after having lost most of one's balance on it, 28000 spins is a bit of a stretch.

Still, without receipts this just becomes wild conjecture and dice-rolling hypotheses :D
It was on Gala Spins, I have absolutely no reason to can see by my account how much I'm losing on it each month. The game is now also showing a technical error for the last 8 or so hours which means I cannot play it any longer. They have probably realised its broken. Sorry, it was 18,000 spins, not 28,000. Typo.


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Add all bets/wins together and the RTP doesn't look THAT bad :) 91.458%

It can be worse, and it can be better, but thats gambling.
Don't really know what the screenshots are meant to prove.

Personally I found it very hard to believe that you did that amount of spins and highest win was 16x.

Now seeing a wagering of 6,000 on small stakes that returns 5,800 looks pretty good to me and would be near nigh impossible to return that if highest win was only 16x.
As I said, I have no reason to lie...I get 40-60p wins quite often but then a lot of dead spins...overall I have lost almost £1500 on this game without a single bonus, on 20p spins its pretty bad....and as I have posted the game is no longer working at all. It's clearly broken.
And therein lies the mystery. At what point is a game faulty, and when is it 'bad luck'?

It is strange to hear the game playing particularly badly for one user, whilst seemingly ok for the other.

It would take a special kind of objectivity to conclude that 18000+ spins without any sort of feature is par for the course, when it's clearly not.

Megaways workings have always seemed a bit janky at the best of times, and 'prone' to sustaining inexplicably bad streaks. In this case, it just seems that something went awry within the code on any given number of host servers.

Chances are one could be playing until 2029 and it not sort itself, whilst the casino isn't too hasty in recognizing or even fixing that particular session, when money continues to be poured in to it.

If indeed found to be a technical error, the end user would rarely be privy to it, and so I wouldn't expect any resolution whatsoever, sadly :eek2:
yep...still a technical error, been like this for over 9 hours now. tried signing out and back in, tried dfferent browsers, tried deleting cache and cookies, no luck. when I contacted customer service they said it works fine so I don't know.....the annoying thing is my brother just tried it on his account on the same casino and it works fine. I am really starting to think its something to do with my account, it took over a thousand pounds from me without a single bonus feature and now doesnt work at all. Guess I am just going to try a different game.


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Ah, I thought that looked familiar: free haggis samples offered at Aldi, no better way to clear the building. :D

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