Wild Flower Technical Analysis - Best Symbol on The Most Beautiful Thing and Super Bonus info

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May 5, 2019
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It's that time again! A new BTG game in their 'Danger! High Voltage' line means a new technical analysis to see what the best symbols are and other info. For those who haven't seen these before, here is the link to the Lil Devil one (which has a link to Danger! High Voltage)

Lil' Devil Technical Analysis - Best Symbol on Be My Angel & Heartstopper etc - Casinomeister Forum

So, on with the analysis!

Super Bonus

So the super bonus is pretty hard to get. There is only 1 instance of the Super Scatter on reel 6, and the reel has 245 stop positions. This means there are 4 possible stop positions where the Super Scatter can land and so the probability of landing it on each spin is 1.63% or, on average, once every 61 spins.

There are 16 occurrences of the regular scatters on reels 1-5 (none on reel 6) and those reels are between 150 and 170 symbols long.

Heart Beats Faster

It looks like it's possible for the Heart Beats Faster bonus to actually retrigger into a Super bonus, as there is an instance of the Super Scatter on reel 6. With only 173 stop positions on reel 6, its probability of appearing raises to 2.31%, or once every 43 spins.

However there are only 12 instances of the regular scatters on reels 1-5 (none on reel 6 again), on reels that are 170-180 symbols long, so the probability of a retrigger is quite a lot lower than the probability of triggering a bonus (let alone a retrigger into a Super).

Super Heart Beats Faster

Super Heart Beats Faster is interesting. There are 24 instances of the scatter on reels 1-6, with reels between 177-184 symbols long, so the probability of a retrigger is actually higher. However, the reel sets massively increase the number of low paying symbols (9's go from 117 instances up to a whacking 170) and also drop the instances of high paying symbols down quite a lot as well. This means that, despite the possibility of the big multiplier, you're likely to be hitting it on lower paying symbols the majority of the time.

The Most Beautiful Thing

The biggest change in this bonus over DHV and Lil Devil, is the removal of 'bad' symbols. You can only get 9, 10, J, Q, K, A as the selected symbol. While the frequencies of these symbols still vary quite a lot, it still means that your variance of bonuses should be more consistent. The frequencies are as follows (and symbols are ordered best to worst, although in some cases, there's barely anything in it)

SymbolFrequencyReel 2Reel 3Reel 4Reel 5

As usual, 9 is still the best symbol in terms of frequency, but the others don't really have a lot between them.

Super The Most Beautiful Thing

Ok, on to the super bonus. This is another interesting one. As usual, the symbol frequencies even out, so there isn't really a 'bad' symbol, but the frequencies are actually higher than in the regular bonus (with similar sized reel sets) so the chances of landing a wild (and then a repeated wild) are higher in general. As before, the frequencies are below in order of best to worst (again though, not a lot in it)

SymbolFrequencyReel 2Reel 3Reel 4Reel 5


So that's about it, i've not actually played the game for real money yet (not on any of my regular Casino's yet) but it's obvious they've really gone for volatility in this game. That means you're likely to lose a lot, and hit a lot of below average bonuses, but we'll probably see a few entries in the Casinogrounds videos of some monster wins. Personally I don't think it's going to be more fun than DHV (for me), as the super high volatility is likely to make it painful to play, but it will def find it's audiences, and the features are, as usual, solid and well though out (and better than Lil Devil in my opinion, as you don't have to 'build' the super bonus).

Shout if you have questions!

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