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Sep 6, 2022
Reading up on videoslots and mr vegas it’s clear they operate in a manner that is questionable.

So my issue- playing a slot BIG Bass Bonanza, hits bonus round and in the first 15 free spins I caught enough fishermen to hit +10spins 2x and plus10 spins x3. Long story short is only added 10 if these spins to the bonus round. I finished one fishy man off the BIG win +10 spins 10X.

Immediately after round I report the issue, game, time etc and it’s logged to be investigated. Knowing all they needed was to review the replay of the round I expected 2/3 days. Imagine when it’s then 60 days (convenient) before I get a reply. Despite chasing the matter up 3/4 times a week, the response was pretty much “there’s no update” and as soon as we have an update we will email.

This didn’t happen and a response came when I chased it again, piss poor. It gets worse. So I’m provided a URL link that takes me to a replay of a BIGGER bass bonanza games, a 5 reel slot Spode to my 3 reel. The replay shows no data at all, no wager amount, no player ID, no round ID, no time no nothing, call me suspicious but that could be anybody's replay, particularly when it’s not the game or win amount you reported 2 minutes after the incident.

I question where all the player data is and I’m told it’s removed as it’s not needed as it’s for internal use, I point out that they are a customer of pragmatic play, I’m their customer so it’s clearly external use. I ask and they confirm twice that this is a replay of my complaint 100%, “the provider have no reason to send us the wrong replay”, I’m sure if there’s been an error they may chose to send the wrong replay to avoid investigation etc.

From the replay you can see your round played correctly so we going no issue, I said but that wasn’t my round, wrong game and the error I reported isn’t reflected. This is the only replay available from the provider or system. I said so I’ll send you an online video of a huge win and remove all the data and you’ll pay out on my claim? I think not.

I search my game history for that day and it doesn’t show my wagering at that time. Told it only shows 8 pages online but “I can make a file for you” , strange choice of words. We can’t escalate or chase from the provider, we just wait. I feel they were dragging this out until sufficient time had passed for account data to not be easily retrievable, they were never in any rush. I was told it’s not right, it’s unacceptable and not good enough and an admission it was pretty poor service. Even the guy that went away to make me an excel file for me said the fact all data had been removed from the replay was suspicious and he said to mention this in my complaint, again strange wording.

Again told it’s my replay, my game from that day and no other replay is available. Formal complaint filed for: slot malfunction, the customer service complaint 3 mins post issue doesn’t reflect the status they’ve supplied, the advisor on the day didn’t query the specific game I reported which he would have picked up on. The data supplied has had a number of key pieces of info removed which doesn’t link it to me or my complaint, and the fact that a URL link replay was supplied as proof and it took 60 days to produce. They state their “partner” have supplied all the information they have. So provider is now their partner and further cements the fact that they would have reason to potentially provider a wrong data.

Complaint submitted to IBAS after final decision.

I then find out on a forum about pragmatic replay. So this wasn’t an option on the slot and during the 60 days neither the guy who took my query 3 min after the issue, the numerous agent I spoke to after that, or pragmatic play brought up pragmatic replay.

I raise with videoslots about this feature and why it was missing or they choose not to offer it as it would haven proven on the day my claim without needing to wait 60 days for a URL link. They play dumb and ask what time I attempted to use the feature or was “l not able to see it”, clear from my question about the feature that it wasn’t there. They then tell me they can investigate this with the provider. The same provider that you worked with 60 days on this, and the provider that would know of this feature, unless there’s a reason. The thorough investigation they carried out would have picked up a key feature. I declined their offer of a further investigation as they’ve already carried one out and confirmed that no other replays barring the one supplied are available.

Imagine my surprise when I log in next and the pragmatic replay feature is sat on the slot in question, this shows the win history and an array of replays I can view, including the round in question! So a replay did exist other than the one claimed, so why take 60 days to investigate? Somethings not right here. No reason they and or the provider would not mention this feature without reasons to benefit themselves.

In conclusion the case has been with IBAS for 16 weeks now. 4th JULY the case was with panel ruling and info was needed off videoslots but not received. 15 August still with panel, infor recently received and being reviewed. 30 August still with panel.

I’m 99% sure something isn’t true and possibly they’ve tried to fob me off with a replay in the hope that I’d simply accept. The 60 days gave time to delete, move or manipulate any data hoping I’d forget things like the specific game. I can already see the reply to the replay feature as they were keen for their provider to look into it, it’ll be that there was an error affecting a tiny number of people where it couldn’t be seen. Still doesn’t explain it not being mentioned by anyone at all and seemingly becoming a single again after me making them aware of their feature.

Any thoughts? It’s another mark against them tho!
Welcome to my world.
11wks now with IBAS who are now blaming lack of staff at both IBAS and Videoslots due to holidays it's just a waiting game.

Cam you now generate the link of the errored round and send it to IBAS?
Welcome to my world.
11wks now with IBAS who are now blaming lack of staff at both IBAS and Videoslots due to holidays it's just a waiting game.

Cam you now generate the link of the errored round and send it to IBAS?
Yes I’ve had the same response on this. Seems to be a staffing issue to a degree but seems if it’s issued to one member no one else can deal with it.
I’m not overly concerned as long as updated, especially when it passes the guideline timescale they advise.
They have said there won’t be a ruling with 2 weeks as they again need more info from VS, this is about the third time I know of too. I’m ok with that as I know what’s happening.

I sent the link to them when reported. The link they sent was to a good round tho. My issue is that there’s no info on the replay to show it’s my round, no balance, player ID, date, time, spin ref etc, it’s a blank replay. It could be anyone’s. Videoslots then failed to mention or make reference to the pragmatic replay feature - not one operator, Videoslots or the game provider mentioned this, not at any point in the investigation looking for a replay did they think about a replay feature, Why would they hide or not mention this? Only when I reported to them and IBAS did they acknowledge it and offered to investigate it - no I don’t think so you had 60 days.
As if by pure magic coincidence I logged into the game and it’s there fully working and shows the data of that day. As I’m highly suspicious of anything they say now I don’t even know that the data shown is mine and not a mirror of someone else’s. I mean why remove or hide the feature in the first place then only show it when IBAS are made aware. Any casino operator worth their salt would have said when I reported it, that’s a pragmatic game have you tried the replay feature to view it? I’ll just check why it’s not showing, try now you should be able to watch it.
Interestingly the url link replay has now gone when I click it too.

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