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Infraction Accepted

Discussion in 'The Attic' started by Mavin1, Dec 28, 2010.

    Dec 28, 2010
  1. Mavin1

    Mavin1 Dormant account

    I know many of you don't understand why I posted the flaming comment to Nifty, but in reality I was looking to be banned whilst leaving a last comment to one of the two that has made this forum a less than fun place to be.

    During my time here, I started out as a fledgling poster, with all the uncertainty it carried with it. As time went on, I began to feel more confident in posting my ideas and opinions, just as everyone else here does.

    I have read the rules regarding flaming, trolling and not using a casinos name unless you have permission. I tried very hard not to break these rules as time passed.

    There used to be many fun threads to get involved in regarding ranting about casinos, the play, the return and so on. But they would always turn into a slug match because of a couple people that felt we had no right to have a good vent and would counter us in a negative way that was more of an attack on the posters rather than the post. The same has been done in non casino sections. Thus causing the fun in posting and participating to diminish.

    Over time I had been received well by many members here and grew to enjoy being part of something more than just being home 24-7 caring for my mother in law. It was something I could do that was a bit of a distraction from the hum drum routine of daily life.

    I don't dislike my roll in life, but do long at times for something more. This is natural when one never goes anywhere or does anything outside of the home.

    Anyways, as time went on, I have watched many members being treated in a very unwelcoming way, to the point of them not being here anymore. Wagerwitch for example, was badgered to the point of totally vanishing, because she was mocked and made fun of her posting style way to much and treated like she was mentally less than those who badgered her.

    This has been done to many members and my perception of the forum began to change as I watched the few dictate to the many so often.

    On several occasions I have asked Bryan and Maxd about why those who are badgered into flaming are banned or reprimanded, but the instigators never are. The last reply I received from Bryan was he couldn't babysit 40+ year old members and try not to take things so seriously. So I realized from my previous questioning, that the instigators of flaming are okay and are free to treat people however they wish, but being incited to flame gets the "victim", infractions, reprimanded, or banned, while the inciter goes unscathed.

    Obviously as long as they aren't using colorful phrases, such as I and Just Play did, then they can say whatever they want to whomever they want and we are expected to simply ignore them. We can be called stupid, or a discredit to the forum and many other things and we are to accept this, because they know not to come right out and call anyone an asshole or fricking moron, but to say it in ways that makes them the innocent in every situation.

    I see no fairness in this behavior when everyone just wants to be a part of something, yet others act as if they don't want you in their playground unless you think and express as they do.

    So one grows from uncertainty in being a contributing member, to being confident, to not so certain and less confident, to the totally negative. Yet the ones that partake in creating these feelings in others, take no responsibility in their part of any of it.

    The way some are treated can change how over time a good member, can go sour and only negative ideas flow. Because after all the badgering, being made fun of and causing flaming has taken place, a member such as myself begins to feel unwelcomed, unappreciated and notices being ignored by the majority of the members, where they weren't before.

    I don't experience such emotions in my real life, yet here I am experiencing it in this public life, just as others have been and it makes me very sad for all who have come upon, the below the radar wrath of those that think we all should talk, act, think and sound alike.

    I have heard the statement, I am not here to make friends, my question then is why do you have friends on your friends list? If you are not here to be friendly and engage in many topics, then why are you here and what is your purpose? If a subject makes you so upset that you demean a poster, then why if you can't refrain from insulting someone don't you just move on or ignore, as we are expected to?

    I would think the majority of members here are in the same IQ range, yet despite that, many are made to feel and appear their IQ is less than desired for participating here.

    So for those of us that receive infractions, bannings and simply vanish, we may as well except that the ones that provoke these emotions will always be here and have free reign.

    The thing about it is I don't dislike these members that pick on myself or others, I just don't like what they do.

    There's this saying, love the sinner, but hate the sin. Well that's the way I feel about them and just wish they would stop and think, how not everyone is just like them.

    So ban me, I don't have the heart for this forum anymore anyways, as all the fun threads and posters are gone or silent and there is only one bad casino issue after another now to go on endlessly about. The loss of balance of having fun that equaled out the constant streams of seriously bad news, was a needed component of the forum, but some members just can't see that.

    So cheers to all those who tried to walk the pit of fire and fell along the way.
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  2. Dec 28, 2010
  3. silcnlayc

    silcnlayc Just one more spin pleez! CAG MM PABnonaccred PABaccred

    IT Director of Operations
    Left Hungary
    Mavin, once again you said what many, including I, have seen, heard and felt. This includes the reply from Maxd's that I received which truly was extremly disheartening because of my respect for him many months ago when I , too, fell into bad grace with him all because of being egged on and badgered, as said here
    which is exactly what happened to my request for an impartial view of what had happened. I felt it was not impartial. I felt it was wrong when the person that did the ragging on and ugliness knew how to punch ones buttons to get them to a point of retaliation only to be backed up by Maxd on THEIR behaviour when I was told I was in the wrong..simply put, the inciter, ragger, egger person got by with it all because they used GENERALITIES in replying to a post...so, there again, I learned how not to write anymore...and how not to respond anymore because for some reason this person is held to no recriminations by Maxd no matter how bad it got....

    So...I chose to stop responding and offering as much input..I also quit enjoying the back and forth teasing and fun wordplays that used to creep into the threads that made them so enjoyable...you do not see many of those anymore...why? Because there really are one or two that feel the need to be "the one" that has all the attention and is allowed to rule this roost and it isn't Maxd or Bryan...

    So, all in all, I am truly sorry that it has come to this, that many of us, including me , feel the need to be lurkers more often than not anymore. Because it seems as Mavin said..
    Is more true than not. Mavin, you can join the rest of us lurking ...and watch the fallout from "the one" that is helping to bring down this once, truly great forum that once was, to the levels of just another place that isn't so great.....but is ok for info...no comraderie allowed...no good times allowed...just the facts as "the one" believes them to be and is allowed to strut their stuff without fear of retribution no matter what. Just my view on what has been happening for a while now too.

    Why do I stay? I promised myself that the balance must be kept....I was once a newbie that knew no better..and I swore after being screwed that I can make a difference to others and that is why I am still here , to offset "nothing hs changed" "it is your imagination" etc mentalities...when in reality, much has and not for the good...(still repeating what I said a few years ago, changes ARE happening!)

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  4. Dec 28, 2010
  5. rockycatt

    rockycatt meistercatt

    maven for shure your having a bad day , i think a person can expect to much from a Internet relation via a chat room or a forum

    thick skin is a earned armor like the calluses of a laborers hands and feet
    we need to look also at real life thes is a break from it not the other way around :thumbsup:

    feathers laid directly let the water run off the ducks back a gift to him from a higher power
    but were left to figure it on our own with each others help

    tomorrow is a new day RC
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  6. Dec 28, 2010
  7. Kenny Lingus

    Kenny Lingus Tard Counter

    Mortgage Industry
    Near Chicago, Illinois

    I have felt similarly many times as an active (posting) member of this forum. I have remained a member though, because:

    1) I believe Brian has integrity
    2) This site is one of the only good things remaining that is associated with online gaming
    3) I couldn't care less about what some of the posters on this site think.
    4) There are some excellent contributors on the site as well.

    I have posted less and less lately, mostly because I, too, am sick of the moronic attitudes of some on this site, shouting down whomever they disagree with. But I still like to contribute on occassion, especially when I feel passionately about the subject. This works for me.

    And as far as the haters go, well they can go...........(insert your own colorful remark here) :p
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  8. Dec 28, 2010
  9. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Can we get back to talking about gambling? That's what I'd like the membership to do. There has been a bit too much "tit for tat" recently.

    Like Mavin mentioned - yes, I'm not here to babysit, and the bickering that goes on really distracts everyone.

    Don't flame each other - that's not too much to ask I think.
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  10. Dec 28, 2010
  11. jod5413

    jod5413 Is That Better?

    having a good time doing anything
    somewhere on the planet
    Yep, Mavin.

    You have been picked on and silenced by the thugs here at Casinomeister.

    It's funny, though. How can all these things you are saying can be real. Over a thousand posts, thanked and WTG'd 788 and 224. And two, count them, 2 Awards! That sure doesn't match the "reality" in your post here.

    Obviously you can dish it out, and apparently you can not take it. My opinion, although I am sure you do not want it is,

    Quit being a Drama Queen!

    Just post your thoughts and move on. Do not let anyone upset you, just post your thoughts and move on. Don't let anyone badger you, just post your thoughts and move on!!

    Just post your thoughts and move on. :thumbsup:

    Today, 02:27 PM
    Meister Member Join Date: Jun 2009
    Location: Arizona
    Posts: 1,011
    WTGs: 634
    WTGd at 224 Times in 32 Posts
    Thanks: 2,028
    Thanked 788 Times in 384 Posts
    Nominated 36 Times in 8 Posts
    TOTW/F/M Award(s): 2
    Reputation Points: 5410
    Rep Power: 39
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  12. Dec 28, 2010
  13. greasemonkey

    greasemonkey Banned User - flaming

    mavin, don't go man. Take a break maybe but don't go. I find you to be a valuable member here. I like reading your opinion even if I don't agree with it every time. I've been tempted a few times myself lately but for different reasons. I was thinking of it when clubworld got away with the "student" money for example. So if you disagree with max or bryan and are leaving on principle then bless you. If you are leaving because somebody like nifty of all people are making it too unpleasant for you then buck up and don't allow them to "win".
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  14. Dec 29, 2010
  15. chayton

    chayton aka LooHoo CAG PABnonaccred webmeister

    Freelance Designer
    Edmonton Canada
    :what: is there an echo in here? :)
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  16. Dec 29, 2010
  17. oldtrvlagt

    oldtrvlagt Dormant account

    Self Employed Travel Agent
    IMO I don't think her post was meant as full blown "drama"...she writes the way she feels. I wish I had that ability at times. I told Nifty in another post he does antagonize people and then sits back and waits for the aftermath. Just Play got sick of it and voiced her opinion. People have a breaking point and face it...some people have an uncanny ability to push the right buttons. Now just maybe they are looking for the "drama" to evolve.

    However, I digress, Mavin posted the way she felt...I'm more inclined to eventually tell someone to go get #$%^&*. That would constitute a banning...egging people on is just a childish game which leads to an adult response.
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  18. Dec 29, 2010
  19. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Turn right, then right. then right again
    It's a shame that some people either cannot read or don't have an ounce of respect for Bryan.

    There are a million things I could have said in this thread but decided against it because I respect the wishes of my host.

    I'm not sure what people mean when they say I 'antogonize' other members, but I would say that a whole thread dedicated basically to s*it-canning me certainly qualifies as 'antagonistic'.
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  20. Dec 29, 2010
  21. bryand

    bryand Beach Bum

    Just Across the Hudson River
    I had to chuckle while reading this thread because all the members of this forum share one thing in common - GAMBLING :D I am frankly surprised that we all don't spend more time going ape-shit. In my experience, gamblers are not the most balanced people anyway - me definately included. Maybe needlepoint and cooking forums are warm and fuzzy. But you put a collection of the world's most avid gamblers in one place and fireworks are guaranteed.
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  22. Dec 29, 2010
  23. racefanrob

    racefanrob Banned User

    tool and die manufacturer
    The reason that people get upset with you, in my opinion, is that you are in such a hurry to lick Bryan's boots or get on Max's wood that you insult people on your way to doing so. Usually armed with little or no information. You do have useful and helpful posts too. If you would eliminate the turning on your peers thing in order to agree with the admins then you would probably be more well received. I wouldn't mind you if that were the case for sure.

    EDIT: Nifty, this was not meant to be a flame so please don't take it that way. it was meant to show you how it looks to me.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2010
  24. Dec 29, 2010
  25. chayton

    chayton aka LooHoo CAG PABnonaccred webmeister

    Freelance Designer
    Edmonton Canada
    lol - I hear that, the last time I went to a B&M casino I was amazed at some of the the selfish/greedy/rude and pissed off people I encountered there. Except for the ones that were winning, they were pretty cool. ;)

    I see forums as kinda like a big house party where a whole bunch of people go but nobody really knows anyone else, and more and more people show up all the time. There's some funny and entertaining and wonderful people, but there's also usually someone who's picking fights or making annoying noises or doing something disgusting over in the corner. There may be people you just don't see eye to eye with. You get your toes stepped on and your drink spilled. Sometimes it's accidental and sometimes it isn't. You can choose whether you let it bother you or you can just say "What the hell, it's a party - and I'm really only here for the free booze anyhow."
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  26. Dec 29, 2010
  27. ksech

    ksech Dormant account

    Mavin, no one here can force you to stay. You alone are the only one who can make that decision. As with any "close" community you are going to find some who you can relate to now and then, and there will be the ones who you just won't be able to tolerate. Does this make you or them a bad person? No, it makes you human. If every person had the same ideals, thoughts, or feelings, it would be a very boring existence. Which is why forums such as this allows people to voice their opinions freely. There will be some who will agree and there will be those who disagree, all part of being "adult".

    You have to make it what YOU expect of it. You don't know these people in real life (although, there may be some who do) and they don't know you. You only know them through their words and opinions. If you feel what you contribute is important/meaningful, then that is all that counts.

    Who cares what someone else may post in a negative way, society is based around negativity. Look at the newspapers, evening news, it all centers around the negative. How often do they report on something positive/ uplifting? Very rarely. So, you have to make a choice and decide if you are going to let the negative bring you down or keep doing what YOU enjoy most about this forum.

    The majority of posters on this forum contribute well thought out opinions/observations. The petty stuff take with a grain of salt. I don't know about the "friends" thing as I have 3 friends listed in my profile, all who asked to be placed there. Do I PM with them on a daily basis? No. But, I will PM someone if I have a question I don't want aired for public viewing. Do I think members who PM amongst themselves frequently are trying to "hide" something? No. Who knows, people probably PM about how "crazy" and opinionated I am. Does this bother me? Again the answer is no.

    I enjoy a good debate, and I can switch sides in a blink of an eye. I'm not afraid to voice MY OPINION. I will give credit where credit is due by using the "thanks button".

    I agree it is sad that a few of the "regular" members have left. I really enjoyed reading their thoughts on many different topics. BUT, they made the choice themselves. Don't make as though you are being forced to leave because of some person(s) you find offensive, who take the joy out of being here. No one can take away your own free-will except yourself.

    I hope you reconsider leaving, but at the same time I understand where you are coming from. You can ignore the ones who bother you or allow them to get under the skin and irritate. Personally, I think you have offered up some sound advice in the time you've been here. So, I'd like to say "thank you" for that. Sometimes we forget how powerful those 2 small words can be.
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  28. Dec 29, 2010
  29. jelsmith

    jelsmith Zombicidal Maniac PABnononaccred

    Special Effects Make-up Artist
    nashville tn

    You may not think that's flaming but it is....and antagonistic....Im just gonna sit back now and watch this unfold like a Greek tragedy......enter protagonist :p
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  30. Dec 29, 2010
  31. mrracetrack

    mrracetrack Dormant account

    North of Pluto

    In the few threads that I've read that you've posted in...all I've read from you is... bitch... whine... complaints about other members... threatening to leave the forum... your dissatisfaction with Max & Bryan's responses to your complaints... and more assorted "silly babble" about things here not being the way YOU think they should be. :eek:

    ** DRAMA QUEEN ** sums you up perfectly, IMO.

    Quit "threatening" to leave... and like in the Nike ads... JUST DO IT!! :yahoo:

    A "few" might miss you... but "most" will not.

    Bye Bye!! :)
  32. Dec 29, 2010
  33. Glunn11

    Glunn11 Experienced Member

    Content writer/online marketer
    Want some popcorn? ;)
  34. Dec 29, 2010
  35. Webzcas

    Webzcas Winter is Coming!

    Block S25, South Stand, Ashton Gate, BS3
    This forum is pretty easy going for the most part imo.

    If people do however rile you, rise above it and ignore them, rather than stoop to their level. No poster should be run off this or any other forum.

    If you are feeling that you are being flamed, use the report post facility.
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  36. Dec 29, 2010
  37. GGW Laurie

    GGW Laurie Dormant account

    Self Employed
    In the Beautiful South !!
    I would miss her and dont consider her posts to be drama queen acting, there are others on here who are more deserving of that title and they aint all women either:eek:

    Keep posting Mavin and if someone doesnt want to read it they can just pass it on by and and move along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lifes to short for bullshit and berating others but some just get their rocks off on it and it aint worth getting upset over, who are these peeps, are they close friends, nope, its a gaming forum and just like in life, there are whack jobs on forums.

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  38. Dec 29, 2010
  39. Webzcas

    Webzcas Winter is Coming!

    Block S25, South Stand, Ashton Gate, BS3
    Mod hat on here as everyone else is not around.

    Please please please, don't use this thread as a vehicle to start another Call of Duty style forum flame fest.

    I can see this thread heading south in quick time. So please don't make me lock it :thumbsup:

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