Info needed on Starluck/PlanetLuck casinos


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Sep 8, 2003
Hi there

Does anyone have any info on StarLuck/PlanetLuck casinos.

I joined about 3 weeks ago and am already bumped up to a Gold member. Today I sent in the faxback form even though I dont have a cashout pending, I like to get this done for when I do have a cashout, theres no waiting.

I sent them my usual ID I send to all casinos i intend on establishing an ongoing relationship with, work Photo ID, credit cards,membership cards to my local gaming establishments, debit cards, utility bills, social security ID and a letter ( though not showing the contents of the letter) from the office of the Prime Minister of Australia, which clearly states my name and address, the utility bill I sent was my phone bill which shows my current phone number they have on file as well. They are now wanting government photo ID eg: drivers licence or passport both of which I do not have. I have tried to explain the governing identification laws and the 100 point ID check "red card" used by all financial institutions in Australia, so I am hoping they respond with good news that they will accept the 8 forms of ID I have sent to them, which I think is more than sufficient.

I will let you know the outcome, in the meantime any information anyone has on these casinos would be greatly appreciated.

I have been playing there for a long time. Indeed planetluck was my first online casino to play. Payouts always on time, live chat feature with helpful operators and i was never asked to send anything... They always paid me in 24 hours.
The casino that took my virginity :)

3)FAST PAYOUT (usually 18-24 hours)

Favourite bj game Las Vegas Strip.

Prefer the java version, the software is a bit slower.

P.S:Choose Lady dealer to see some tits while playing :)
I've never actually heard of these asking ID from anyone who deposits via Neteller - they just call you and run you through a couple of security questions and this does them as verification.

I've never sent them any ID and have cashed out many times, including $1K plus withdrawals from Planetluck and been paid within a day.
That was very Dumb to send these people your Credit History Information. You sent them your SS#. Do you even know these people? And the reason they want to look into your Credit History?

You mean to tell me. You will give up your right to secure papers and documents. Just because someone tells you we need this information.

Dude you got to be kidding me? You sent them the whole sha-bang!

The #1 cause of ID theft and Banking fraud happen to be the INTERNET! You know why? "...Oh the internet is safe and secure. Just send 'US' all your private information. It's safe right here in our little file we keep on suspected Terr...oops players."

I'm looking to open a new online funding account and need someone SS#. Do you mind if I use yours? It will be only for gaming purpose.

Jesus Christ, I can't believe how non-thinking some people are.
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I agree that providing casinos with every bits of information about yourself is absolutely insane. They have no business knowing a lot of things about you, your S.S. # for example. If you don't use credit card to make deposit, don't give them any info on any of your cards. If you do, you are just setting yourself up to be an identity theft victim.
info needed

Thanks fo your input

1. I do use my credit card
2. they cant do shit with my SS# im in australia and you cant do anything with that, its my tax file number they would need, even then they couldnt do shit with that either. Its called the 100 points of ID and they wouldnt have it to cause any problems for me
3. I know what gave you the impression that I sent them my credit history, over here all credit history is held at baycorp advantage, which is a credit reporting agency, SS numbers here have nothing to do with credit history.

As for having my CC numbers they had it when I deposited so why not send them the copy they require.

Anyway I fixed the problem and am now certified after a few emails.
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you forgot your birth certificate, and the deed to your house
you need a collateral to play :lolup:

all the things i ever sent in to the casinos are modified with photoshop
dont understand why anybody could trust your information to a casino ONLINE.
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