MrQ refusing to pay, excessive KYC


May 2, 2023
Refusing to pay out. Refusing everything. Jordan (complaints manager) asked for a bank statement in order to get my withdrawal, but after I'd sent it changed his mind and wanted a PDF, baring in mind he is fully aware that the bank account is actually closed and NatWest can't actually give me one. Said he can't see the deposit on the bank statement, even though I circled it. I've been waiting for 4 months for this withdrawal.
I've sent in:
A selfie holding 3 forms of ID
3x ID
Tenancy agreement 🤣
Council tax letters etc
Paypal details
Bank statement
New bank details ?¿
Screenshot of so many things.
Last thing they needed to process my withdrawal was bank statement and now they're still refusing. Looks like om never getting my money 🤣
Sounds more like L and L casino group :laugh:

Seems very excessive - incidentally, have you put much through them? Reason being when i was playing there i must have stuck 50k through them and never had a document request, bar maybe a front of card.

Unfortunately, whilst Mr Q are good in a lot of ways, their support is one of the worst about - you can get hold of them quicker than at the start but when i had a simple issue it was complicated by the fact their CS etc seemed to have selective deafness.

4 months for a circled deposit probably warrants a PAB so, whilst not accredited here, is probably worth a shot.
As a regular there, from w/d's from as low as 20 to far more than that, never struck me as place to intentionally stall - in the past pending 72hrs due to 'not supplying a card pic' (which i was never asked for)

Why ask for a bank statement to process a w/d though? Surely the first port of call is to stop, not saying it's the case here, 'bad' money getting into the casino's account, not simply at the point of exit.
As I have mentioned in the past, why not ask the casino if they can afford to pay you out and request copies of their bank statements to prove they have sufficient funds? If they are delaying paying out without just cause, no harm in turning the tables on them!!!

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