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Feb 8, 2007
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This is absolutely the best casino. I have broke even or might have lost a little but the customer support is unrivaled.

I lost my first venture there and emailed a nasty email that I was closing my account and they were crooks. The reply was immediate.They closed my account, but after reading thier reviews I apologized and my account was re-opened. I have had nothing but excellent customer support and after winning I emailed my faxback and had a quick withdrawal. They are trying thier best to support US customers and realize the click2pay situation.

If any casino here deserves support it is Inetbet. I will only play here even when the US dispute is finally settled. Hats off to a great casino!

Kudos to Alan and Emily. Great Job.
iNetBet has been Accredited at Casinomeister for nearly 20 years.
Whichever way the wind blows I guess! When you lost they sucked, but when you won, now they're great. Whatever!
what a joke. inet is reputable no doubt. emily is fantastic but lets not get crazy about the support. no live chat, very slow email and just wait till you experience how tight those slots can be there first hand. good luck!
How True

what a joke. inet is reputable no doubt. emily is fantastic but lets not get crazy about the support. no live chat, very slow email and just wait till you experience how tight those slots can be there first hand. good luck!
How True
They are very good to a point
US support

The reason I am excited is that I emailed them and Alan said I could withdraw by check since click2pay took the button away. And his reply was quick indeed.
just to warn you, I did the same thing, I talked to support about click2pay not having the withdrawel button, said I could cash out by wire transfer, but when the time came, they sent it back to click2pay. Under their terms and conditions if you deposit with an e-wallet, they will send it back to you the same to the same e-wallet. Regardlless of what they told you, if your account with click2pay is open they will send it back to them. So here is what I did. I closed my cliick2pay account while my money was ina casino which forces them to pay you out another way!! good luck in getting your money!!!:)
iirc, i deposited there through moneybookers and it's not an option to withdraw. well my neteller's empty, or i'd have made a deposit through it to make the cashout less painful. anyway they said all would be cool but my w/d has been denied twice, and it takes a couple days each time for it to be rejected. kinda sucks, especially over a measly hundred bucks. they are class in terms of being straight and paying out from what i've heard, but i'm having problems cashing out nonetheless. i hope they have good reloads, anyone?
the clue is: they dont have 24hours cs. So: If you send thema mail during normal office hours, you will get response very quickly- and usually very competent and friendly.
If you want something at 3 a.m.--- it will take some hours.
(tried that with comp points too, which are manually added to your account).

I have no problem with their service, but its important, to know the rules.
Yes i know this, because the same problem is on 49er Casino.

But you can read this on their homepage, on which time they are working on the support, so it's not a problem for me :)
i now hate inetbet! i logged on to find my 100 bucks back in my account yet again, and since i figured it would be tied up forever anyway, why not play it up to something worth withdrawing? bad idea! 15 minutes later, and i "have no credits remaining", would i "like to go to the cashier and make a deposit?" no big deal though, i wipe my arse with hundreds lmao. grumble... the hazards of online money transfers...

sigh, on to the next betting shop...
Just to clarify a few issues,

edunn, we have clarified our stance in regards to Click2Pay in another thread:

I do not feel that anything needs to be added to this.

oldandboring40: We have a number of options that are available to US players please email for full details.

We do have 24h support. However we are aware that it does sometimes take a little while to get back on some issues. These are usually to do with accounting problems etc which have to be ratified by the accounts dept before support can act on it. We would rather that there was a slight delay in cases such as this than send back a stock email that helps nobody.

happygobrokey, if you deposit via Moneybookers then a withdrawal by the same method is an option. Please PM me your username and I can see why your withdrawal is being returned to your account. When a withdrawal is returned to an account an email is sent explaining the reason for this. On the face of it, it sounds as though wagering requirements have not been met. However unless I have your account username I cannot be sure.

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hey inet,

well as i said, upon finding my balance bounced back to my inetbet account once again, i started betting with my funds and lost them all. but yeah i swear the withdrawal screen didn't allow moneybookers for an option, and i am certain the playthrough was met, verified in the cashier screen and by live chat, who said yes i had met wr and i could withdraw to neteller without using it for deposit no problem, with no mention that mb should have been an option for withdrawal.

you're welcome to toss me any kind of promo for all the confusion :D , and thanks for being a decent rtg. it's just a shame i never got to withdraw my money. but after three reversals back to your account, what else is there to do? of course i played, figuring i can't get this money to me, and i might as well try and bump the figure up if a time comes i do get it sorted. but i'm sure i entered the correct neteller number (this is what the email quoted as the issue), and re-entered this each time i tried withdrawing, and i'm certain my balance was listed as withdrawable.

i would still like to know why it bounced back though, i'll pm you my details
Hi happygobrokey,
I am not sure who you spoke to in live chat as we do not offer this option. You may be mixing us up with a different establishment as you did deposit via NETeller too.
I have received and replied to your PM. I hope that this clarifies everything for you.
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I just want to say that i've been playing iNetBet for a few years. I've always had fast and great cust. service and have never had a withdrawl problem. I've ran into a few casino's that after 3 days still never answered an email. I don't think i've ever waited more than 15 min. for iNetbet to reply. I've had no problem at all here.
hmm, i am a little crazy lately. the live chat and moneybookers thing must have been somewhere else, my bad. however, i know for certain the cashier screen said i could withdraw. i've seen it three times, every time i go to cash out. and the bounced-back w/d email did say it was my neteller details messed up. this fact must have made me think it was here that i depo'ed through mb and wanted to w/d by nt, an incident about which i did talk to a live chat operator. apologies on that bit, but it remains the email said bad neteller details and the cashier screen did say 100 withdrawable. i guess it's just too bad for me then. i just happen to be waiting on a few payments right now, so it's getting confusing. blah, i think i need sleep.
INetBet deposit options

i like their casino very much also but is there any deposit option left in the u.s. that they accept?

There is still an available deposit option for us players at's a hassle, but it works. Go get a NetSpend card at a local retailer (see for locations) then load it with cash - no limit. Then register the card like a credit card on the cashier page...I have never once had a problem with this - and my withdrawals are always via wire transfer into my bank account...which they do within 3-4 days...I love this casino and have won many many times there!! :)
Mardeco, please.....I think this makes five threads now where you have posted about this issue, and two of those threads are one or two years old. For future reference, if you have a complaint or an issue, there are certain steps to follow. should always PM the rep here at the forum, if there is one.

Two...start a new thread for your issue. ONE thread only..when you post the same thing over and over in various threads, it's really annoying.

The reps can be found at the top of the forum, under I-Gaming Forum Reps. You want either Inetbet Promos and/or Emily Hanson.
Im trying to cashout $50 dollars with inetbet but no luck!
I sent the forms required but I was declined I would like to know why
I sent several emails but no response

and they don't have live chat nor a telephone to call that sucks!

I seriously doubt whether they will pull any stunts over a measly $50 cashout. Since you have sent e-mails, why not send Inetbet Promos a pm (he prefers it that way than others reading something detrimental to the casino). Alternatively, you may wish to start a thread in the Complaints Section but this is not what I would recommend at this stage.
This is an old thread

Inet is one of the most trusted casinos on this forum

Follow pina's advice please.
iNetBet has been Accredited at Casinomeister for nearly 20 years.

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