Shout out to iNetBet


aka LooHoo
Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
So iNetBet was one of the first casinos I ever joined back when I first started playing online. I liked them so much I actually had 2 accounts for a minute lol, but we got that sorted. Anyhow it's been quite awhile since I deposited there and a couple days ago they sent me a mail that they topped up my account with a $30 freebie. I rarely play free chips, I don't usually have much luck with them and I find it a bit stressful to have to worry about my bets and what games I'm playing etc. I played the first one for a long time at another RTG casino a couple months ago, but after that experience I decided I wouldn't waste my time with them anymore. For me it doesn't seem worth slogging through wagering requirements and jumping through hoops for what would only amount to a couple hundred bucks anyhow.

So I sent a mail back to iNetBet and said thanks but no thanks, please remove it from my account. I was thinking they might say they couldn't, but I just got a message back that they'd removed it. I just wanted to give a thumbs up to iNetBet for the gesture, AND for taking it back when I asked. :thumbsup:

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