INETBET accredited? Really?


Newbie member
Oct 17, 2008
I have played at this site and usually get paid without issue.
Recently I tried to cash out a small amount via BTC and they said I couldn't because I deposited via credit card....I've never heard of such a thing on any site.

Also, I tried to update my account for future play to be sure I was verified.

Here is some of what they asked for.

A scanned copy of every card I had ever used on the site ( How? I shred cards I no longer use.)
A proof of OLD address so they I can update to my new address. ( Who saves mail from somewhere they haven't lived for over 10 yrs?)
I've never heard of any site anywhere asking for proof of an old address.

Essentially, if they provide no flexibility, I will not be able to play there again. At this point I don't really want to as I can see withdrawals will be difficult.
They also have sneaky bonus rules.

How does a site like this become accredited? It is beyond me.