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Aug 29, 2012
The lure of gambling is to win, and win big. At what point would you ever consider quitting when you've had your fill?

I'd imagine it would have to be a life-altering amount, say a hundred grand. Would that be the the incentive to stop for you?

And as slotting is an exercise in futility, and unlikely to ever produce such results barring a miracle....why do it?

Do you play to chase that dream knowing subconciously that you can never attain it?


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May 13, 2014
I'd quit for a few days If I could just get above my starting balance at this point in my slotting career :p


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Jul 21, 2010
Akron OH
As I'm sure you guys are aware, the state of play in the states had a lot to do with my throwing in the towel, but there were some other factors as well:

-I was simply doing that 'transfer addiction thing.' Instead of drinking, I was gambling. I knew this for some time before I actually quit.

-I began to question my aims. Why am I gambling anyway and what to do with winnings, if any? Gamble more? Buy a new car? Take a trip? (The pattern here - all about me, me, ME.)

-Is this thing I'm doing actually a hobby/pastime? How has it affected me financially, socially, etc.? Has it interfered with other areas of my life?

These and others were very harsh questions to ask myself. I did not care for the answers at all. :eek:

As far as i-gaming, ironically, it was this forum that encouraged me to quit. I started noticing that a good percentage of posts on any given day reflect some awfully shifty practices by online casinos - accredited or not.

I do not want to completely condemn gambling in any form, but I see much more misery and disappointment than satisfaction on here but that is, of course, just the way I read it.

To sum up, I realized that for me, gambling was self-destructive. It did not mesh with the person I am or am trying to be.

(Plus, dammit, I started to feel like a goat to the....no, no, NO...a lamb! A lamb to the slaughter. Anything but a goat!) :p


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Mar 13, 2008
I don't think I'd quit at 50 Million to be honest with all of you. We have some quite large lotteries (most of which I do not buy tickets on), but I've always thought if I won 50 million I'd take a million and see just how long I can travel for free being comped by casinos.

Long gone are the days of "If I could only win $xxxx, I'd quit gambling". That thinking was tied in with chasing losses.

As most of you know, I did win 100K.

I still enjoy my play. I'm not looking for a repeat, although I don't cash out $100 up most times, unless it's to take advantage of an offer elsewhere.

It's been important to me to not lose too much, because I think it would probably be losing too much, not winning a certain amount that would take me to the point I'd need to stop.

I do spend a lot of time gambling. But when I am not gambling, I manage to find other ways to avoid doing more productive things anyway.

I hate to admit I have to argue with myself to not go load the card at certain points, when deposits did not last as long as I wanted.

I had one "binge" one night that is the only one I was upset at myself about. A rather large withdrawal was paid back to ecopayz instead of back to my card as requested, and I just kept depositing and depositing one night until it was almost exhausted.

I'm not chasing another life altering win. I am well aware of just how lucky I was.

Only social event I did not attend in order to gamble was for the VS CM freeroll.

As long as I'm having fun and staying within my budget, I'm a happy camper.

EbeeDog found my statement quite a while ago "I don't play to win, I play to play" a turning point for him.

But it's a place I'm very comfortable at, I think when you are trying to play to win (statistically unlikely long-term), losing hurts.

When things start hurting, that will be the point to quit.

At least I hope so. I haven't quit smoking yet, and it is hurting me.