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im depressed, won jackpot at grandaces for nearly $7000 but can only cashout $2000

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by hippo925, Jun 23, 2006.

    Jun 23, 2006
  1. hippo925

    hippo925 Dormant account

    medical field
    so cal
    hi all,

    i posted earlier about winning jackpots playing cleopatra's gold at Bodog's and Grandaces casino. Bodog's was wonderful and sent me my money in 2 days, everything u expect from Bodog's. (everything an online casino should be, IMO)

    but a different story at grandaces, though not really their fault. i used a bonus code that they emailed me and made a $200 deposit for a 105% bonus. what i didn't realize, since none of their other bonuses have it, is that there is a winning restriction of 10x the deposit amount (god, i wish they didn't e-mail that). my max cashout is $2000, but my balance is over $6000 now after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

    their live chat and phone service was good, but apparently there is nothing that can be done. i was really hoping that they would be understanding considering that it was a progressive random jackpot. i was so disheartened. i am only allowed to withdraw $1000 at a time using firepay, so apparently after i cash-in $2000, the rest will be forfeited. They told me the forfeited money would be put back in the jackpot after i cashout out.

    i will not play and lose the "forfeited amount" so that someone else can have a shot to win it when it's put back in the random jackpot. ( i don't see the sense in losing over $4000 back to casino instead of giving someone else a chance.)

    the lesson, bonuses are a nightmare, read everything really carefully (they won't actually just say that "if u win big, you won't"). Make sure to know everything u can so that if you win, there is no reason a casino can deny the jackpot. In this case, the fine print was there... a winning limit?

    I should have read the email more carefully. i just don't understand why none of my other bonuses ever had that weird restriction of a "winning limit."

    at least i still won and collected at bodog's, and i should still be able to cashout $2000 at grandaces.

    i hope this wasn't the wrong place to post this because grandaces didn't really do anything wrong, but hopefully it will help someone else to avoid the same thing in the future.

    thank u all for letting me rant, lol...
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  2. Jun 23, 2006
  3. bpb

    bpb Banned User - repeated violations of rule 1.14 (tr PABnorogue PABnonaccred

    Well, if a max cashout was in the email, then I guess there's nothing you can do. But there sure isn't any max cashout restriction mentioned anywhere on their website. What a lousy situtation.

    I think the Wizard of Odds had the right idea when he decided to only advertise for Bodog. Their reloads are small, but you can have those bonuses removed at any time, and there are no restrictions designed to trip you up.
  4. Jun 23, 2006
  5. mitch

    mitch Dormant account

    Hi Hippo and welcome.

    Just a heads up mate, it's not considered good practise ( and actually breaches the forums rules) to cross post the same issue on different threads.

    Sorry your hopes were dashed on the Jackpot win but you can't really complain that the casino misled you.

    Just remember in future that 'free' bonus money always has conditions attached to it and make certain you are content with these conditions before accepting it.

  6. Jun 23, 2006
  7. phynqster

    phynqster Dormant account

    los angeles, ca
    As far as I know, there is no way for the casino to put the funds back in the Jackpot. The reason for this is that if you played the entire 200 deposit + the 200 bonus money on that single slot, the jackpot would be increased based on 400 played, it can not diffrenciate between real and bonus money.
    I suggest you play out your win, building comp points that you should be able to use at a later date.

    Nice wins
  8. Jun 23, 2006
  9. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    Common RTG term

    This is a common term in RTG rules, and is found often where casinos give large numbers of coupon codes with high bonus percentages. Making comp points is the only way to go, but see if there is any "wager challenge" promotion on certain games.

    It does seem cruel, especially where it is applied to a progressive jackpot. I have seen a similar rule elsewhere, however the $2000 limit was waived if a progressive was won.

    If a max cashout was in the terms, and wasn't deliberately made hard to find, then those were the terms of the wager made with the bonus. Taking a bonus is like making a side bet with the casino. The side bet being that the player can beat the bonus, however, the max cashout needs to be checked for, it can be more damaging than a phantom sticky bonus.
  10. Jun 23, 2006
  11. hippo925

    hippo925 Dormant account

    medical field
    so cal
    thanks mitch, i didn't realize about the cross post thing. and i agree, ultimately, it is our responsibility to understand as much as we can because we are accepting the bonus and the terms. it pays never to "assume" in regards to so many different types of bonuses.

    i just cashed out my $2000 at grandaces and spoke with a representative and all should be in order once the cashout is approved. i can only stare at the remaining balance that was once mine :) but, hey, i still won something so i can't complain. i have to keep in mind that they did honor their end, so i should be willing to honor mine. They didn't really do anything wrong, and i incorrectly assumed this bonus was the same as my last three.

    oh, and i agree, Bodog is really clear and simple. their customer service was fantastic when i called. payout was very quick. and their reputation is excellent.

    in regards to the $4000+ i have sitting there,i was assured it would be put back into the progressive. im sure the casino can't just take the money, right? so many people contributed to it so that one player can win it, it wouldn't be right if the casino just took that money, i think. if i play it and lose it on purpose (since it's just play money for me now) then the casino gets it. i'd rather have one of u guys win it, lol.
  12. Jun 23, 2006
  13. Linus

    Linus Dormant account

    I've heard a lot of good things about Bodog, and I agree, their bonus is good.

    Much better a clear bonus with simple rules, than a big one with hidden catches.

    I wonder if anyone's heard complaints against Bodog, because I never have.
  14. Jun 23, 2006
  15. suzecat

    suzecat Dormant account


    Hi hippo and welcome to the forum.

    Phyngster used to manage an RTG so I would take his word about how things "really" work there. Besides, you can build up some comps and have fun doing it!

    Great wins!
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  16. Jun 23, 2006
  17. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    I was just wondering what would now happen if Hippo decides to deposit say $100 at Grandaces. Would he start with a bankroll of $4100+ and even if he did, would any amount in excess of $4000+ be his to keep as winnings?
  18. Jun 23, 2006
  19. suzecat

    suzecat Dormant account

    That would be great except that his pending withdrawal must clear before he can make another deposit. The reverse function would show up on the cashier screen until the balance is withdrawn (or in this case some withdrawn, the remainder forfeited).
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2006
  20. Jun 23, 2006
  21. mucullus

    mucullus Experienced Member

    Maybe Greg, the affiliate manager of Grand Aces, is able to clarify what they are actually doing with the money.
  22. Jun 23, 2006
  23. Slotster!

    Slotster! I predict a riot. CAG

    al Hazard
    Location, Location!
    Cor... That sucks Hippo! Full kudos to you for posting in the way you have, and not done a "GRAND ACES TOOK MY FECKING F%^BBB B&&&*EARD MONEY" type malarkey!

    Of course you should've read the terms and conditions thoroughly, but it's a real shame that you'd fall foul when you hit a nice progressive! (incidentally - the first one I've ever heard actually being hit at Cleo's gold!)

    I too am intrigued as to how they will deposit that money back into the progressive fund. I have very peripheral knowledge of how all that works, but I can't see how it's possible.

    On the upside - the streak of luck you're having - fingers crossed you'll hit another in no time!! :thumbsup:
  24. Jun 23, 2006
  25. Zoozie

    Zoozie Ueber Meister CAG PABnonaccred

    Software Developer
    I can understand that you can miss this part of the T&C. It has nearly happened to me also. This kind of maximum cashout restriction is also a very wierd and unlogic restriction, but a very smart one (for the casinos) as I will explain.

    Unless you play with a very small bet size where any jackpot/high win will not exceed the cashout limit you will be playing against much higher house edge than you think.

    Actually as bet size increases it will reach a point where EV(with bonus)< EV(no bonus) after wagering is completed! So you are saving the casino money by accepting the bonus.

    As bet size increases, the effective house edge increases.

    Here is an old thread about it with an example.

    I hope this again will enlighten the player community about max-cashout bonuses. They are much worse than people think and you will actually in some cases be better without it (dependant on you bet size). I rate max-cashout bonuses worse than sticky bonuses.

    Last edited: Jun 23, 2006
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  26. Jun 23, 2006
  27. Wagerjunction

    Wagerjunction Dormant account

    Aff Manager
    Jackpot Win

    Guys as posted in another thread

    There are two types of Progressive Jackpots on RTG Casinos these days

    The Network wide progressive Jackpot and the Local progressive jackpots
    that are confined to a particular Casino .

    The local progressives are the new Reel Series slots - i wish they would make them network wide actually and we have asked RTG quite a while ago to make this happen.

    How they are going to put the funds back into the jackpot ? Well i am speaking to the Casino re this and will notify all of you as to what will happen.

    I agree that the restraint the player has exercised is admirable but there is not really anything to complain about.The terms and conditions are pretty visible .you run the risk of smaller payouts when you accept bonuses.if you dont want to take that risk dont accept the bonus.

    My suggestion to all players is play without a bonus at times .I just played at VegasSplendido and had a Splendido time on the MHVP taking $100 up to about $1k before proceeding to loose everything .

    If you are going to claim a 100% bonus there are always going to be terms and conditions .

    I am prety sure that if this was a network wide progressive they Casino would pay -

    As i said ,i will speak to the Casino re this but i can not promise anything.

    Best Regards
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  28. Jun 23, 2006
  29. silcnlayc

    silcnlayc Just one more spin pleez! CAG MM PABnonaccred PABaccred

    IT Director of Operations
    Left Hungary
    I too recieved this offer and it clearly states in the letter that only the recipient of the e-mail may use the 105% match bonus deposit and that any winnings over the initial deposit x 10 is the max cashout. (Not deposit AND bonus) It is right in the letter and the offer is only through the e-mail. Very clear terms IMHO.

    If you feel lucky, NEVER use a bonus...well...NEVER use a bonus period for one never knows when ones fortune will turn...this is my belief....

    Congrats on your win tho! I would love to hit just one progressive before I die :lolup:
  30. Jun 23, 2006
  31. dominique

    dominique Dormant account

    The Boonies
    I don't like bonuses either.

    Never use them if I can help it, although some places sneek them into your account when you are not looking.
  32. Jun 23, 2006
  33. elscrabinda

    elscrabinda Experienced Member PABnorogue PABnoaccred

    If the casino is willing to put it back in to the progresive pot then they might as well pay the player with it. I'm not saying they should pay the player or that they are acting unreasonably but they gain nothing by enforcing the max cashout rule whilst using it to reseed the jackpot.

    Perhaps there is a case to be made for progressive jackpots to be exempt from max cashout rules
  34. Jun 23, 2006
  35. hippo925

    hippo925 Dormant account

    medical field
    so cal
    hi guys,

    first of all, sorry to all of u about posting this topic in two threads (i promise i won't stay such a newbie for too long, lol) and thank u for taking interest in my topic.

    regardless of what happened, i can say that grandaces is very professional and courteous. i received an email from kevin, the casino manager, explaining the situation and how unfortunate it was, but that nothing could really be done. but he still went out of his way to speed up the cashout of $2000 and the tone of his email was just.... very nice and professional. he made me feel like a valued player even after such a disheartening experience. i can also see that their representative also posted a response here and i think that is just wonderful.

    i can hardly blame them for "following rules" when it seems so many casinos don't.

    anyway, i really appreciated the quick response even though it wasn't in my favor (hey, i still won a good amount, lol)

    i kinda feel bad for posting in this part of the forum. i should have kept my posts to the original thread, but live and learn.

    oh, and thank u guys, the level of knowledge and experience here is fantastic. i guess one of u used to run an rtg...wow.

    talk to u guys soon... oh, and i won't add to this thread anymore, only the one in the regular casino forum.
  36. Jun 24, 2006
  37. tennis_balls

    tennis_balls Dormant account

    fish n chips promoter
    Albuquerque, NM
    my guess is they don't want to encourage someone to wait for the progressives to build before signing up as a new player. Also they may wish to reward their regular players by excluding a new player (or possible "bonus abuser" :eek: gasp! :eek: from winning a progressive)
  38. Jun 24, 2006
  39. phynqster

    phynqster Dormant account

    los angeles, ca
    Remember what Hippo won was a random jackpot not a progressive. From what I have witnessed in the past comming from a high bonus casino, the majority of jackpots were only paid out at the 10x max cashout. I had always told players that on a game like slots or video poker where on any particular bet you can win100x or more, DO NOT use a bonus that would restrict that cashout. Now if you are playing something like blackjack, take a big bonus, because you will know when you hit the 10x deposit max cashout and wont be dissapointed.

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