ID Request For Withdraw - Info From U.K Gambling Commission


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Aug 29, 2012
Londonia all boils down to what I deem reasonable by the casino to verify me. And casinos accepting deposits whilst holding withdrawals to ransom are seemingly not held to account

Simple KYC procedures pre-deposit I'll abide by, anything beyond that I'll balk at their cheek

Some sites will seemingly not allow deposits prior to verification, so if that were a universal rule then one might say they're following protocols stringently

But ultimately any site that can't auto-verify me on the spot electronically is not worth my time. I'm not prepared to do the 'guilty until proven innocent' dance they're requesting. So if that's to become the 'norm' then screw the casinos and screw the industry


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Mar 19, 2008
Stealing money is totally different from laundering, I thought that was the process of turning ill gotten
gains into superficailly legitimate funds,as you say online casinos would be the last place I would try to do
that, the transaction trail is far too apparent.Seen plenty of casinos fined for not carrying out full AML
checks but no actual recorded offences.
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Jan 28, 2016
Yeah, i went digging for some info regarding this recently but couldn't really find much, though Betfred got fined for allowing someone with stolen money to spunk 200k in etc (not ML though)

Read something that 1.5trillion is laundered each year but don't know how much of that is attributable to online casinos

Certainly if i was doing it i wouldn't be picking it as my preferred option

Although AML stands for anti money laundering, it also covers proceeds of crime, so isn't just a case of watching for money laundering, although it was stated that AML checks should only be done if there was suspicion that something wasn't right. Casinos seem to be ignoring that and doing them when they feel like it. It also states documentation for AML purposes cannot be used for any other purpose, unless covered by the casinos T&C's, so they can't use a bank statement to decide you are a problem gambler unless its stated in their terms they can.

Anyone in their right mind wouldn't launder money through an online casino, with the exception of a couple, its impossible anyway. You can launder through Videoslots quite easily, and also through Coral, apart from that I'm not aware of any others you could do it through, certainly not to any great extent, but even with the 2 mentioned, if there was a full investigation by the NCS you would get caught. Bet365 is another that might facilitate it, but haven't used them enough to know for sure.

Much easier ways to do it, with much less chance of getting caught, even if there was a full investigation. FOTB's are one, although not as easy now with the minimum stakes.