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Mar 16, 2014
Hello Meisters! :)

Just experienced a not so nice term at the mentioned casino and want to inform other players now.

Playing there for a longer time, with no issues.
Had a lot of risky sessions and made some profits, but unfortunately, my last withdrawal is still under process. ( Litecoin )

No problem, happens, but my manager wrote me this, after asking for the reason.
5.14. Please note that funds usually will be transferred to Your external account or wallet within ten (10) banking days upon the moment (date) Fairspin has processed Your notice for withdrawal and Fairspin confirmed (approved) such withdrawal.
My fault, didn“t see that term…

What you guys think about that? Withdrawal still reversible.( ~1158$)

Greetings :)
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well never heard of Fairspin but what i think of it is absolute rubbish for 10 days cashout.
any casino in todays world using more then couple of days paying out not worth it :)
on a personal level i only play today in casinos that payout within hours :)
Hey, thank you for your opinion.

Yes, I prefer quick payouts as well, and in the past, I got paid within minutes or few hours.
Now I'm starting to worry.

After playing bets at Fairspin, you are rewarded with TFS Token as a rakeback.
You can hold,stake or sell them.
After staking and buying Tokens, I've managed to hold ~476k ( 2573$ ).

After my 1day holding period, my tokens suddenly disappeared in the hold to earn history.
Happily, every transaction is recorded at their own Blockchain.
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Attached the hold to earn history,the "visible" issue with my tokens, the rubbish 5.14 term and my account history.
Unfortunate chain of coincidences right now.....🥺


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Unfortunately, these days are business days.😡

Edit: Don‘t want to spam new messages. Coins magically reappeared, now I‘m trying to sell them. Wish me luck with my 2nd pending withdrawal.
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It's a crap site, doesn't even display it's 'license' number from Cup-o-cocoa which would be under one of four master licenses, probably in this case 1668/JAZ which is a renowned scam license hence their reluctance. They do block the UK which is a positive but alas they are promoted via bogus/inaccurate 'reviews' by certain affiliates, note this one who praises their 'fast withdrawals' yet obviously hasn't read their terms:


They don't seem like a site that would rush to pay you, which in the world of crapto currency and instant blockchain, there's no excuse for. Let us know if you are paid by the world's slowest crypto casino, I confidently predict you'll have issues here (unless they read this lol).
Thank you for your response.

Attached is the actual history with the two withdrawal requests now, and yes, I believe that they don‘t want to pay me now.

I won‘t reverse them, promised 🥰


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Hello again.

Just a little update. I‘ve informed my „manager“ about this topic, to be a fair! customer and give them a chance to participate here.

In the meantime, I‘ve requested a 3rd Litecoin withdrawal of my remaining balance now.

1.) 09.01. - 1158,3$
2.) 11.01. - 2510,5$
3.) 12.01. - 167,83$
Total: 3836,63$

Attached is the actual account history.

What shall I do, if I‘m not paid within their timeframe?
Writing with support agents and „manager“ is pointless.

Greetings 😊


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10 business days is without the weekends. So in most bad luck your looking at 16 effective days, lol. What kind of casino is that.
Yes, every withdrawal request was processed within minutes or hours ( few hours ) and I‘m playing there since 10.2021.

One thing is for sure.. If I get paid, I‘ll take a break from gambling.

Attached proof of past depo/with history.



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Hello @Dafunk ,

Just a friendly reminder that as you now have an active PAB, our Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures require that you refrain from posting in public while we assist you with your complaint.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Assistant to Max Drayman, Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager, Casinomeister.com
I have given up, lost everything, cause I'm not paid.
Thanks for your effort, bye. Ban me, I don't care.

*Edit: Made a little donation to St. Jude Hospital, thanks for your effort.
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