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Jan 4, 2004
Hi all...new poster here. I am interested in online gaming and I am trying to do my homeowork to find an honest casino. I e-mailed 3 casinos thursday night and one this evening with a direct, simple question. I did this to test their response time. Of the 3 I e-mailed on Thursday only one has replied (about 24 hrs later). The one I e-mailed this evening has not responded yet. These are casinos that have received favorable reviews. Any thoughts? Should I try again? Is this response (or lack of) any indication to look elsewhere? Thanks.

Hi Tar!

And welcome to the forum.

A quick response time is desirable, and mandatory for most of us. I hope the casinos you emailed are not listed here. If so, please let me know, and I will put a boot up somebody's fourth point of contact (old paratrooper expression).

But, before jumping to any conclusions, please note the following:

Many spam filters will filter casino emails, to include those from support. Make sure you check these out. If you have an AOL account, please refer to your "help" section to see how you can accept these emails as well. Many of the Microgaming casinos have been proactive and contacting players with instructions on how to receive AOL email.

Please let me know how this goes.
Thanks.... here's an update

Thanks casinomeister! Happy to be here! Here is a response update to anyone interested. I had a response from the 4th casino this morning. Less then 24 hours which I am happy with. Two casinos never responded and one replyed about 24 hours later. I won't name any names right now, maybe my spam filter had something to do with it.
Good luck everyone!

Also TAR, don't be afraid to use "livehelp" if they offer it. This is usually very fast and can answer your questions quickly. Also, I know you may want something in writing, but I wouldn't go to a casino who didn't offer live phone service.

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