I apologize to connectocasino they are great


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Well it looks as though I have jumped the gun and spoke to soon
About connectocasino. I just needed to speak with the right person
Mr. John Spears helped me fix my day, and is making my account right.
I want to issue a formal apology for the things I said about connectocasino.
I want to say they are a upstanding group. When I read some complaints from
banned members I got a little ahead of myself in thinking they were not a honorable casino and place to wager. I want to say thanks to john for emailing me .I want to apologize for any slander or wrongdoing on my part to Mr.Spears and connectocasino.
Thanks again for the opportunity to play at your place.and I will now retract any thing I said bad at all. Thanks again dbuuck01.


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Hilarious, i bet this post was part of the condition to getting paid by ConnectoCasino. They are terrible casino and have been trying to shaft players right from the go.


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LOL, that's a very, very obviously "required post for payment".

dbuuck01 said:
When I read some complaints from banned members...
Lololol. How do you know they're "banned"? You have no access to the private affairs of any members' comments you've read.

Did you just paste in word for word what Connect told you to post?

EDIT: Beaten to it. :)


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caruso said:
LOL, that's a very, very obviously "required post for payment".

Lololol. How do you know they're "banned"? You have no access to the private affairs of any members' comments you've read.

Did you just paste in word for word what Connect told you to post?

EDIT: Beaten to it. :)
Strange, I thought the red username and "Banned Jackass" custom tags were a decent indicator. :confused:


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That is quite a 180 degree turn from his original compliant. :rolleyes:

Oh well, since they are such a wonderful place, I am off to make my weekend deposit of $5,000..............hmmm ah hell I might as well try my luck at connectocasino......... :thumbsup:


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Memo to all casino managers.

Subject: How to gain maximum exposure in public forums.

For Immediate release.

Today is a great day in the world of internet gaming. We here at (insert favorite clip joint here) have come up with the perfect way to deal with those pesky winners.

Step 1. Deny a withdraw. This is the easiest way to drive off a withdraw. Through years of ripping off consumers, we have determined that very few players will complain, or have any idea how to complain.

If step 1 results in contact from a so-called "mediator" try step 2. Again, very few depositers know about this aspect of the gaming community, so in all likelyhood you will not have to proceed past step one.

Step 2. Invoke some obscure clause in your terms & conditions. If the depositer used a bonus, quickly change the terms of your bonus, and hope the mediator buys the excuse. Now here is the tricky part, usually these so-calle "mediators" run forums. And we all know how darn annoying they can be. So you will have to endure some mildly bad PR for awhile. If for some reason the depositer can prove they made their deposit before you were able to change the terms and conditions (this is rare, but it can happen to the best of us) proceed to step 3.

Step 3. Allow the situation to fester in the public forums a bit. I know, I know, "what in the world are you thinking?" well this is where it gets a bit tricky, but if you allow the situation to grow, when you invoke step 4 the results will be well worth the wait.
Now sometimes you will experience what we have coined "player revolt". Again, after years of selectivly paying only the most vocal of complaints/winners we have learned to count on the player community at large to react in a manner that supports your original decision to deny the withdraw. Certian people will automaticly cruicify a new poster at the forum, for failing to follow your terms and conditions. This will slowly work in your favor, as most new posters at public forums will be scared off by this harsh treatment. Of course if all else fails, by all means invoke step 4.

Step 4. Contact the original depositer and or mediator and say you are now willing to pay off the withdraw. However, since your good name has been drug thru the mud in public, you would like something in return. You demand the player post a public apology, and state they "misunderstood" what the terms and conditions stated, and how "grateful" they are that they are finally getting paid their winnings. Also try to get them to say something nice about how well you as a manager, handled the whole thing, and how they will of course play in your casino again. It is important to get this statement signed, and returned to you before you pay them.

I hope you find this information helpful, and you will join us at (insert your favorite clip joint here) in celebrating yet another profitable year. Remember, suckers are only a locked account away :D

You friend (insert favorite clip joint managers name here)


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OMG, roflmfaoooo........what an excellent guideline, I love the steps.

:lolup: :lolup:


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this is over the top in hilarity :lolup: :lolup:

if you read the poster's previous grammatically incorrect angry posts regarding connecto, then compare them to the thread starting post. one can easily realize the poster DIDN'T EVEN WRITE THIS POST. :lolup:

he just copy+cut+paste some standard garbage write-up he accepted most likely as a condition from being paid from connecto, and didn't even bother to put into his own words!! :(

congrats, you two deserve each other


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Maybe VirtualTed will chime in with a 'show of support' for a 'FELLOW ROGUE'... as in 'birds of a feather'... :rolleyes:


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If you're going to put words in the guy's mouth, at least make it sound believable. Dbuuck's sudden epiphany is about as over the top as it gets.


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mary said:
man, that's just creeeepy. Watching a guy talk under duress like that :( .
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Saved Bryan the time and cost of following through on a PAB, though ... ;)


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I think it would be more believable if the title of the thread is renamed to 'connectocasino finally paid'


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chuchu59 said:
I think it would be more believable if the title of the thread is renamed to 'connectocasino finally paid'

or maybe "connecto finally taught me how to write.."


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Kiss ass

That was the worst kiss ass job I have ever heard of. Wow! An so obvious!!! Laughed my ass off!

Later Tdoggy