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Who's right?

  • The casino should keep the player's money.

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  • The player should get their deposit back.

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Player A claims a 100% Slots bonus coupon at Casino X. Player A loses her entire balance. Player A then notices that the terms and conditions in the email state that she wasn't eligible to claim that coupon, as she first had to claim 9 35% coupons before being eligible for the 100% coupon. Had she won anything, her winnings would have been voided, and her deposit returned.

Player A contacts the casino and asks that the casino refund her deposit. Her reasoning is that she wasn't gambling with the money, since she had no opportunity to win anything. Since the casino wasn't risking anything, it's only fair that the player be returned her original deposit.
Otherwise, the casino is freerolling on the player's money, due to the player mistakenly claiming a bonus she wasn't entitled to.

The casino tells the player to bugger off

Who's right?
Hypothetical #2

Player A is 19 and resides in Illinois. He deposits at casino X and loses $100 (no bonuses). Player A then learns that Player B had his winnings cancelled and deposits returned because player B was under 21 and from Illinois. The casino had a clause in their rules stating that you must be of legal age in your jurisdiction. Player A played in the same timeframe as player B, so it is assumed that player A would have had any winnings cancelled in the same fashion.

Player A contacts the casino and asks for a deposit refund. His reasoning is that he wasn't gambling since he had no possible way to win. Had he tried to cashout any winnings, they would have been denied due to this clause. Therefore, if the casino should refund his deposit, as they were freerolling with his money.

The casino tells the player to bugger off.

Who's right here?
Hypothetical #3

Player A deposits $100 at Casino X by credit card. He plans to work the balance up to $200 and cashout. Instead he loses, and contacts his credit card company and makes a chargeback. The casino calls up the player and asks him to reverse the chargeback. They tell the player that by making a chargeback, he is freerolling against them, as the casino can only lose money, and has no way to win anything from the player.

The player tells the casino to bugger off.

Who's right?

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