How's your luck? VS Xmas Wheel


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Sep 5, 2010
Day 21, I've been playing and qualifying since day 1.
I've received 1x15 spin and 20x5 spins so far.
I quite like looking forward to tackling each new slot every day and seeing if I can minimise the damage to the balance on min stake spinning. It would be nice to hit something other than 5 free spins with a little more frequency. Nobody is expecting a jackpot, the number of times they have paid during this promo leads me to believe the trigger odds are even more diminished during periods where thousands of people are earning wheels on a daily basis for the best part of a month.
What's your best result on the wheel so far? Can't decide whether I'm unlucky or whether they have weighted the wheel to minimum result outcome even more this year.
Not that bad really as the 'tasks' seem fairer this time around so don't cost much to get the wheels
Yes, the daily tasks have been fairly low-risk tasks, so it's not worth complaining too much even if the prize wheel itself is unlucky.

Previous promotions have included significantly higher risk tasks such as "spin 50 times in a game with a minimum bet of 0.5". And of course the prize wheel has been the same
This year's wheel has been MUCH better than previous years. I've done all 21 to date. Yep, mainly 5 FS, but had a few 15s, a 25 and also hit a 75 (which might have been Mr Vegas, as I've done a few of those too).

No huge wins, but today's Wild North netted me a £10 profit in the 25 spins, which is better than nothing!
Pretty much all 5 spins, but also had a 75 spins one at MrVegas, though alot of days the prize doesn't activate despite playing the correct game.

It's all good fun though. Apart from today where didn't even get a tease on Wild North :eek: must be a record, at least expected 2 bonuses in 40 spins :D:p
Played about 4-5 of them.

Best was 25xFS on Sugar Rush rest were 5FS.

Not that bad really as the 'tasks' seem fairer this time around so don't cost much to get the wheels

Sure somebody out there will disagree tho lol :p
Reminds me of the Rizk 'Wheel of Doom' when I played there.:rolleyes:

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