How good is Crazy Vegas Casino?


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Mar 17, 2003
I do not know how good and reliable Crazy Vegas is but I am hoping that they do pay me everything. Since it is recomended by Bryan, it should be really reliable.

Anywayz, I have deposited less than $1500 into my account for the past week and have cashed in 2 times already. 1 is for $1700 and now I am cashing in another $3100. Yes it is a really BIG win! I was not playing any VP or Slots. I was playing a LOT of Baccarat and some BJ (really little).

With a WIN like that, I am hoping that Crazy Vegas is really nice enough to actually give me my money/winnings. After reading all the bad things about Online Casino, I am starting to be really really afraid and scared that something like that will happen to me (the SCAM and account being locked and stuff).

It is true that online casino's are a hassle cause you have to 1st worry about winning, then you have to next worry about the number of times they charge you (if 1 then good, but if more, then it would be really bad). Then 3rd, you have to worry about them being a scam company or not. Once you WIN (like me right now), you have to start to worry if you will actually get paid by the Casino or not. Then as you worry about getting paid, you have to start to worry that they do not LOCK YOUR ACCOUNT and that something might happen that you did not know/forsee it's coming.

Wow! That's a lot of worrying to start to do when you do gamble online. I mean, YES it has it's pros like you can gamble at your own pace, at the smallest amount you want and it could be played anytime/anywhere. But that all comes with a lot of worrying! Is it really worth it?

I wonder... :confused:

I am hoping that they will actually Pay me for my winnings. I hope that they will do it without hassle now.

Will keep you all posted on my progress! In the mean time, if you will keep everyone in the light with your experience in regards to Crazy Vegas Casino, it would be really nice.

Thank you very much... any comments/posts will appericiated a lot. Thank you very much. Have a good day and all the best!
Hi aodat2,

Crazy Vegas casino is a very solid operation. The operators (besides being great guys) maintain a good reliable and customer centered organization. You shouldn't have any worries here. I rarely receive complaints about CV, and when I do they are quickly resolved in a fair manner.
Dear aodat2,

Thank you for your interest in Crazy Vegas Casino. We have noted that you posted a message of concern on The Casinomeister player forum, regarding our Cash-in Process and the manner in which cash-ins are handled by Crazy Vegas Casino. We thank you for bringing up your concern, as we pride ourselves in our customer service and customer relations, and if a client is doubtful or dissatisfied, we like to assist as soon as possible, with the correct response, to make your time with Crazy Vegas Casino as pleasurable and hassle-free as possible.

We have reviewed your account, and the following cash-in process occurred.

Below are the dates that you have cashed in your funds from your casino account, as well as the dates that these specific cash ins were paid to your Neteller account.

Amount ------***--- Cashin -**--- Date Paid to you via Neteller
$ 1700.00 ---***--- 2003/03/20 ---***--- 2003/03/21
$ 3100.00 ---***--- 2003/03/24 ---***--- 2003/03/25

We think that this is a reasonable turnaround time.

The date and time of the cash in can be checked verified on CashCheck,

(Old / Expired Link )

and the dates of payment can be checked and verified on the Neteller website.

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Let me also elaborate on the cashin process to avoid further confusion. After cashing in, your funds automatically go into a 24-hour pending period. This is normally the only period in which the player can reverse his funds. Many other casinos have a pending period of 48-hours or even as much as 72-hours. We cannot process a cashin during this period, but to save time, we usually request all necessary documents and handle all related administration in this period. After that, the cashin is processed as soon as possible, and the funds are transferred to the player via the payment method of the players preference (see above table). The Verification documents that are requested from all players upon a cashin, are needed for security reasons, protecting both the interests of the player as well as the casino.

We thank you for voicing your concerns with Crazy Vegas Casino, as we try to keep our players as happy as possible, and would like to avoid any misunderstandings concerning our cash in procedure. You can rest assured that our casino is not a scam, but an honest establishment with hundreds of satisfied players that make use of our services daily. We have also been voted Most Honest Casino, as well as Best Online Casino on the website
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We strive to give you the best online gambling experience of your life, offering the Craziest promotions all the time and backing our services up with a 24hour toll free helpdesk Old / Expired Link service.

Contact us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any other queries or suggestions.

The Crazy Support Team
Crazy Vegas Casino
Wow, that was quite a proactive response from Crazy Vegas. And the turnaround time for cashins is quite remarkable. Good going Crazy Vegas!
Joe is right that they did send it to me at that time!!! To me, Crazy Vegas is still #1. Have not played anywhere else who could come close to Crazy Vegas.

The support are not only friendly but they are also very helpful. They will try to help you out as much as they can and usually, they get your things done by the time your call/time is over.

Here's another thing tho. Since I started playing in Crazy Vegas Casino again, I have been on a ride with my money. It poured in (at 1st) and then I lost it all back to them and thought, oh well... it's gambling, can't expect to WIN all the time.

Then on Thursday, I started playing some again and from then till right now, I have made more or less $5800.00 (including today's cashin). I just can't wait to get paid.

Although I did use the cashin button a little bit, I made LARGE cashins and small reversal through them (after the 24 hours). I think I should just be content for this month since my profit is good enough already.

Crazy Vegas Rocks! Keep up the Good Job!

Anyone has any experiances in Crazy Vegas that you want to share? Good or Bad, please do tell us!
Oh my goodness!!!

I won again in Crazy Vegas Casino!!! I can't believe it this time. I was as we say... 'chasing my losses' and deposited quite a lot of money ($2600) and now, I just cashed out $6000 from there!

I can't believe it. In less than 2 weeks, I won about $10000 from Crazy Vegas Casino already! I am sooooo HAPPY!

Oh, by the way, I did not play any VP at all. I only played Baccarat and BJ. Think the last time I checked with them, I played about $100,000+ already (WoW, that's a lot!!!)

If I have a small say, I would definitely recommend Crazy Vegas Casino to anyone who likes Table Games instead of VP!

Have a nice time gaming everyone.
wtg on my cash out

it was not a huge cash out put I only put in 20.00 and won 50.00,, yep put it back and well ended up with 250.00 so pretty good for me as i'm not a high roller, so I did the cheque says it takes 2 to 3 weeks so I though ok,, need it for my anniversary , well it was here in like 6 days, so I will be playing there again .. thanks crazy vegas :thumbsup:

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