HELPPPPPPP !! Bonus game stuck


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Aug 17, 2018
Hi So ive tried everything different browser cleared cookies cache ect tried mobile phone nothing is making free spins play out.

Normally it does some graphics before going back to original screen and playing out free spins but it doesn't show the moving graphics but it does play the music like its working fine.

Any Idea bloody thing all for 10p I bet !



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Jul 27, 2018
United Kingdom
Yeah they said they will escalate it, but wonders if there was anything I could try
i see it is jackpotjoy ? i had issues with my account as i hadn't logged in for years ! they sorted that for me within a couple of hours - saturday . good luck and i hope that's a massive win! :)


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Mar 5, 2016
Better off not trying anything more Luv. If you cleared ur cookies , logged in an out and did all the usual fixes then yep trust the chat support to escalate it-it happend to me once and i nearly threw up i was so worried i'd lost everything.

The site i played at is accredited but at the time it was very new so chat help were a little nervy and didnt quite know how to handle it short of "escalating" so i wasnt filled with confidence lol. And i never knew how to screenshot back then either which was like even more sickening realising i had no "proof" erghhh lol. Anyway the funds were reimbursed/paid out to my balance a couple of logins later i had extra $$$ from what those spins would of won had they played out. And it was recorded in the game logs so it never lost my info after all Lol.

Another time a glitch happend and i just closed out moved onto a new game... i totally forgot about it and didnt even log it with chat, only to open the game months later to find a $300 win waiting to load up on the screen lol!!! Winning:)
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