Has Atlantic Interbet folded?


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Aug 23, 2001
Has Atlantic Interbet finally closed its' doors and snuck away into the night? For 2 days, nobody has been able to login, and the same holds true for its' free site Interbet. Many players have attempted to get a response from AIB as to their status, but we are being kept in the dark. Different stories to different people. As it stands now, a lot of players have money owing them, and withdrawals in limbo. If AIB has indeed closed, a simple statement to its' players would be appreciated......don't just sneak away like a thief!
Day 4 and still no AIB, no emails, no explanation! It is now becoming more apparent that Atlantic Interbet has indeed shut down. Unfortunately, in doing so, it has also sullied the enthusiasm and trust that a number of players had in online casinos. We know going into a casino that the risk of losing our money is a possibility, but we never expect that our money could be lost by the casino closing. Is there an organization that online casinos can belong to that insures patrons against losses incurred due to casinos folding? I realize it is buyer beware, but too often casinos that have been deemed reputable have folded. We all have to do research, check out forums, and by patronizing a casino take some responsibility if we choose to gamble at a non-viable casino. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an establishment that builds confidence in the online gaming industry. I , for one, will in the future heed the warning signs of a distressed casino...withdrawals taking up to 2 months to be issued, lack of response from support, etc. AIB, do the right thing. Have the guts to inform your previous supporters that you have closed your operation, or, that you are at the present time, experiencing technical or monetary difficulties. At least we will not then be in limbo.
i hope i'm not stepping on toes and i'm not trying to upset anyone but i think you need to know something there are some fourms about interbet casino which is a free site that is run by the same people who run AIB. and well you need to check out these fourms also i would like to add that interbet casino does lock people out even tho it is a free site but the people of aib and ib got there wish
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Hey Bryan, can you use any of your mystical powers to find out wtf is going on at aib? Maybe a consult with Yuri Geller, or more likely Jonathan Edwards (since he can speak with the dead ;-) )
The Meister's "on the road" attending a conference in the Bahamas I think (the fortunate sod!) but I can tell you that repeated attempts to get a response from Atlantic Interbet have met with failure.

There's a lot of comment about their conduct and lack of contact on a variety of message boards but no-one seems to know what's up for sure.

I'm trying a couple of alternative contact points at present and will let everyone know if anything eventuates.
Thanks Jet, maybe he can pop by Antigua while he's in the neighborhood and pay a personal visit to aib.
I tried making a phone call. They have an answering machine on their customer service line.
They did not return my call. Doesn't look good, boys and girls.
Yes everyone, AIB has shut down and probably will not be} paying anyone. In addition, IB, the testing site for AIB is also shut down. I have spoken to two 3 star pits, and they are both sticking to their nonsense story that IB is moving its headquarters and they have not heard anything since. What I find hard to believe, is that with all the problems that AIB gave to their players, how could anyone play there? I played there years ago, and when we were being told lie after lie, I just deleted the site. I came to this forum and told everyone what was going on. Wendy, Osito and HRT of Queen came here to defend the site, they were pitbosses at AIB. I find it quite amusing that they are now speechless.

Whats up Wendy, Osito and Hrt of Queen? No leg to stand on? Cant defend your theiving site can you? Well, atleast one thing has been proven, I was right all along. Now you three stooges look like the morons that you always were and will be.
Of course the story about moving the headquarters is nonsense! You don't just decide at 3pm one day that you're going to shut down and move your headquarters without even telling your employees (the pits) first. You plan for weeks or even months in advance, and you announce it to your workers & customers. And even if you did move your HQ, why would that affect the game servers that are in an Antigua server farm?

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted anyway. I don't hold out any hope for its return though. I think its gone to the big recycle bin in the sky :(
To the people of AIB who were never paid:

David Roffman has another business called Dagar.
The web site addy is
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. Make sure to click on contact information, it has the same address as AIB did. I think you should all collectively hire an attorney and go after this company to get your money back.
Hmm, medical software in Connecticut.
Offshore investment seminars often target attorneys and doctors to invite them to place assets offshore and avoid taxes that way. Wonder if Atlantic Interbet had some MD investors? Local business press might know.

Dagar Software Corporation (DAGAR-DOM)
649 Amity Road

Domain Name: DAGAR.COM

Administrative Contact:
Roffman, Gary (GR331) DAGARCORP@AOL.COM
Dagar Software Corporation
649 Amity Road
Bethany, CT 06524
(203) 393-2000
Technical Contact:
Walker, Alan (AW77) alan@CALLNET.COM
Call-Net Internet Services
One Bradley Road, Suite 104
Woodbridge, CT 06525

Record expires on 20-Dec-2002.
Record created on 19-Dec-1995.
Database last updated on 21-Dec-2002 21:07:49 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:

Entrepreneur File

The Entrepreneur File is a monthly feature in the newsletter that focuses on a start-up company seeking funding. This feature is not an endorsement of this company. Investors should perform due diligence before investing.


Company: interBet Corp.

Contact: Gary Roffman, President

Email: groffman@interbetcasino.com

Tel: 203 393-2291, ext.321

Location: Connecticut

Industry: Computer Software

Product Development: interBet Corp. is an Internet Casino Gaming Software
Developer which licenses its proprietary interBet software to gaming
operators for a monthly royalty based on casino profits. In 1997,
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was launched and the first licensee
Link Removed (invalid URL) opened in 1999. The casino is presently operating at
or near breakeven. InterBet needs additional capital for marketing to build a
database of operators and players that will cover present expenses and allow
for continued growth.

Market: The Online casino industry is a viable and lucrative market for
adults of all ages. In 2001, it generated $3 billion in revenue and is
expected to reach $4.1 billion this year.

Sales Strategy: interBet plans to reach prospects in three major areas:
1. Affiliate program with 50% revenue share
2. Pay per click advertising
3. Traditional Internet advertising including a site banner purchases, bulk
newsletter and e-mail campaigns.

InterBet also plans to form strategic relationships with Affiliate Partners
that receive revenue share on profits generated by customers derived from
their efforts including but not limited to; e-mailings, site advertisements
and re-direction of Internet traffic from their high traffic sites or their
Internet marketing campaigns or existing

Capital Requirements: $250,000-$1 million
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"Gary" was definitely one of the names and email addresses associated with Atlantic Interbet - and although there was no bounceback he did not respond to several emails requesting information on that status of AI.

I would say that owed players might like to give Mr. Roffman a call for an explanation regarding his casino's treatment of players....

Interbet, (203) 393-2291, 649 Amity Rd, Bethany, CT 06524
Hiya Jetset,

Thanks for the compliment. I just dont like when companies blantantly "rob" their players. Also, posted on Interbetcasino Message Board, David Roffman had the audacity to blame the closing of AIB and IB on the 9/11 tragedy. This really upset me. After all, you do not decide to fold up your tent overnight. They knew they were closing yet continued to accept deposits from their players and now they wont pay up nor respond to emails.
Hi just came across new info regarding Atlantic Interbet. Their license was revoked on December 3,2002. You can read about it at this website.
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) .

Will keep you posted as I hear further.
Here's a little more information I have been sent by a source:

""I've been advised by someone that I am close with that Atlantic Interbet is to move to Costa Rica and set up shop with a sports book operation there that does not wish to be named at this time. The move is supposed to be complete by January 15, at which time all player accounts will be activated once again. The "deal" is supposedly done but I being the skeptic I am will believe it when I see it. In any event, this could serve as a glimpse of hope to your readers."
Even if AIB were to re-open, I feel that they have lost the confidence of most of their existing players. Another unsettling fact about all this is that new players can still register at the AIB website, and sites where their banners are still being displayed. Not only that, but deposits are still being accepted on AIB's website through NetTeller.....I deposited yesterday to verify this, and sure enough, it went through. Had to scramble over to NetTeller to deny the deposit..lol Is this not a fraudulent action, to accept deposits when you know full well you are no longer in existence?
Jack, AIB never has and never will have any integrity. They will steal anything they can. I hope Neteller does not process your deposit. I would hate for you to lose even one dollar to Gary or David Roffman.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy and Joyous and Healthy Holday Season. God Bless and Keep you all safe.

Merry Christmas to you too Linda. BTW, NetTeller did not process my deposit because I cancelled it. I was just testing what someone else had told me.....and he was correct.
I hate to admit it, but I was a pit, not once, but twice, in iB and resigned after uncovering some rather unsavory tidbits of information about them. They took everyone to the cleaners and the word on the street is that the reason that they came out with their "moving" story is that it would give AiB a little more time to spoof the players that they were coming back and might increase the chance of fewer "chargebacks" against them due to the time factor. The fact is that AiB hasn't paid winners in quite some time and indeed, their chances of charging back any of their deposits is dwindling. Here is a copy of the sickening, heartless, thoughtless letter from "****David. Bryan, is there a "Spawn of Hell" award for these arseholes? There has to be a special award of some kind to cover this kind of ignorance. They are using a tragic event of 15 months ago to cover their stupidity. I find this blatantly offensive.

From: ************
To: iBStaff@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 1:21 PM
Subject: [iBStaff] Please Read Important Update

Dear Staff of interBet,

Over the years we have grown and you have grown with us. While we
have shared many good times, now is a time for reflection, a time to
look back.
In the shadow of our country's recent tragedies we have all felt
sorrow and great sadness as we mourn the loss of our fellow sons and
daughters. Our families and our friends have all been touched by
this horrible event.
No one though, expected the far-reaching impact on our society that
we have witnessed and continue to see as time passes on.

Many people have lost their jobs in the wake of the financial strain
that has befallen our economy. Thousands who were once secure, now
face uncertainty. The ripple affect can be seen on Wall Street as
well. Investments that were handled so carefully over time have been
vanquished. Our children's futures have been put at risk.

We at interBet have come to a crossroads as well. We no longer can
afford to keep our doors open. As you know, we changed our business
model to that of a newsletter distributor/ advertiser. Advertising
has all but dried up. The cost of maintaining our system cannot be
supported any longer. It is with regret and sadness that we must
tell you this. We wish to thank all of our loyal volunteers who have
given us so much in the past 5 years. If it weren't for you, we
would have nothing but another run-of-the-mill gaming site run by
huge corporations. We were always the little guy, the underdog. And
now, we have succumbed.


It saddens us all to see interBet close its doors, but as of this
time interBet is officially closed. We will miss all of you, and
want to thank you again for your time and hard work you have all put
into making interBet the Best site on the web. We will miss
interBet, the patrons and the friends we have made there. Try not
to think of how sad it will be, but think of how many good friends
you have made along the way because of interBet. Take care and
thank you!


(Message edited by SFeagle on December 24, 2002)
Pretty despicable using a national disaster to justify firing your staff.

I have to say Atlantic Interbet is not looking good on this whole story and the manner in which they have mishandled (or maybe outright screwed) their clientele is beyond belief.

As Jack says, I doubt they will retain their regular players but then there are always the innocent newbies who don't research and jump straight in.

Remember the names Roffman and Atlantic Interbet and the manner in which they operated.

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