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Had enough with All Jackpots Casino! (Jackpot Factory) Withdrawal delay

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by PaaskeDenmark, Mar 4, 2013.

    Mar 4, 2013
  1. PaaskeDenmark

    PaaskeDenmark Always think positive CAG PABnoaccred webmeister

    Clerk with shipping discounts worldwide
    I have now been waiting for withdrawal since Monday 25th February. ( 1 week)

    48 hours pending. Wednesday i was told $400 was processed.

    Then it seemed they had used my old Moneybookers/Skrill. As I changed currency end of 2011.

    I started playing there again and has been using my new email address. And also used that when making withdrawal Monday 25th!

    I checked and had not received my money into Skrill Friday. So contacted them by email to get this confirmed. I also checked and asked them to make sure it had been sent to my correct email?

    I received this back >

    Hi xxxx,

    Thank you for contacting All Jackpots Casino regarding your recent withdrawal.

    Our financial department has already processed your withdrawal of $400 and I am pleased to inform you that your withdrawal has been allocated to your Skrill (MoneyBookers) account.

    Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

    Best Regards,

    Okay great I though and when I got home from work I checked my Skrill account again....Nothing.
    Also checked casino account said still in progress.

    so emailed them back and got this answer back later that night,

    Dear xxxx,

    We have requested an update regarding the transfer of your funds and can assure you that as soon as we have information, we shall be in contact with you.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here around the clock.

    Best Regards,

    Then today as not heard back. I though would try live chat. As funds still not showing up on my Skrill account.

    I was on chat with Nadine who informed me withdrawal had been allocated?? to the correct email address with Skrill.
    And should show up very soon.

    I have called Skrill to get confirmed that when merchant sends money they will show up instant. He confirmed that there is no wait at all for funds to show up. And will be instant when Casino has processed and sent them

    So saying they have processed and sent is not correct. Seems like delaying tactics. But over $400 seriously??

    I then bit ago been on live chat again.This time with Maram.

    I told them as well that my casino account is still showing this : Date
    Transaction Status Credits
    27 Feb 2013 662145 Work in Progress US $ 400.00
    Total Credits US $ 400.00

    So how could they have been proccesed. I also explained I had spoken to Skrill who confirmed it would show instant.

    Once again I got pushed around with give it time to show up. Must say I lost my patience at this time. And got angry explaining everything.

    she told me this >
    Maram: usually the funds show up in your account within 2 days
    Maram: but it also could take up to 5 working days

    Maram: it says it takes btween 1-5 working days for the funds to show up in your account

    Maram: yes instant when you make payments from the skrill account
    Maram: not when you transfer funds to your account from another account

    I then asked if I could speak to someone at financial department or they could call me. This was also not possible. And was told will get same answer if I call them.

    I also contacted VIP Factory REP here on Friday to ask about problems with withdrawal.

    I am just so angry about this now reason for me posting this in forum now. I have given them enough time to sort it out. It seems to me to be excuse after excuse.

    Also they told me last week after contacting them Friday that they had trying to send several times but it was refused. Oh great how come no one contacted me??

    End of this anyone had problems with payments from Jackpot Factory Group?? I miss the old days when I was VIP and they could flush and also withdrawals where received within 24 hours.

    I can REP last was online at 26th February. But I guess it will not help me anyway. If this is they way Jackpot Factory handle withdrawals 1-5 banking days for funds to get to Skrill account? Anyone who can back me up here and tell me that that is not true??
  2. Mar 4, 2013
  3. PaaskeDenmark

    PaaskeDenmark Always think positive CAG PABnoaccred webmeister

    Clerk with shipping discounts worldwide
    PS. Just quick sorry for my rant. Not even used any smileys which is not normal for my posts :oops:

    I ended up with a long post here. So please accept my apologies if not well written :thumbsup:

    I have waited so long now. So no use making PAB on this anyways. As they have confirmed they have sent money??

    But just want to have other players experience lately with All Jackpots ( Jackpot Factory).

    Anyone who has had withdrawal to Neteller or Skrill.

    As it does not seem right. And I am more than frustrated now!! Only one microgaming Casino out there 32Red !!!!

    Wish I had realized that before returning to Jackpot Factory :mad:
  4. Mar 4, 2013
  5. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    Although rare, this kind of incompetence can happen at JF, and they seem very ill equipped to deal with it, preferring instead to stall and shift the blame to another party. It is bullshit that a withdrawal takes more than a few minutes to show in an eWallet, and they insult knowledgeable players by thinking they will believe this BS if they say it often enough.

    The problem is usually down to the processor making an error, and then never checking for completion codes, even when a query is raised.

    It is likely that they used the wrong information, and Skrill bounced the transaction back to them because it didn't match any account they had on record. Instead of checking WHY it failed, it seems the policy is to keep on trying over and over again until it works. It will NEVER work in this kind of situation, only where there has been a connectivity issue will trying again work. JF are extremely arrogant, and cannot accept that any mistake is at their end. It can take a formal complaint to eCogra to get them to identify and admit mistakes, and this is how I have ended up knowing so much about their internals.

    The mistake in my case was that for 9 months, they REPEATEDLY tried to make payment from an NSF merchant Neteller account, and then just assumed that if it failed, it was Neteller's fault for placing a block on my account from receiving the payment. Neteller told me they never do this, and JF said this can be the only explanation. The deadlock could only be broken by getting eCogra involved, who for the first time actually forced JF to look into the logs, where they discovered that they were repeatedly failing to ensure sufficient funds were available. In fact, it was Neteller blocking their merchant account from sending money that didn't exist that created the problem. Trying again only worked if other UK players made Neteller deposits in the mean time, or they put fresh funds in the account.

    It is possible that this Skrill incident is also caused by merchant account in NSF, rather than there being a 5 day delay, or the wrong information being used. I would have thought Skrill would retain a record of the currency change, and be able to trace the credit even if the old information was used. In fact, FSA rules REQUIRE them to keep such records for up to 6 years in case an audit is needed.
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  6. Mar 4, 2013
  7. PaaskeDenmark

    PaaskeDenmark Always think positive CAG PABnoaccred webmeister

    Clerk with shipping discounts worldwide
    Yes i feel it's BS as well myself. Can't express how angry I am. All the bloody time wasted on this. And support just giving link to Skrill withdrawals and keep telling will take up to 5 working days WTF??

    This is from their banking page >

    Moneybookers is a secure and convenient method to transfer cash online, providing real-time instant payments. With Moneybookers, you will no longer need to expose your credit card information every time you shop online. You can fund your MoneyBookers account using credit card, bank transfer and GiroPay and supported local payment methods in over 30 countries. Click here for more information. If you deposit with MoneyBookers, you will receive fast and hassle free withdrawals back to your MoneyBookers account within 1 - 5 working days.

    Absolut BS!!!! :mad:

    receive fast and hassle free withdrawals in 1-5 days?? LMFO

    Yes at other casinos its fast and hazzle free as it's instant.

    Why not just tell us truth that we put on 48 pending then 1-5 days processing. :mad:
  8. Mar 4, 2013
  9. PaaskeDenmark

    PaaskeDenmark Always think positive CAG PABnoaccred webmeister

    Clerk with shipping discounts worldwide
    Just quick update. Withdrawal has now been received also into my skrill account.

    So yes my withdrawal was not proccesed earlier today as i though. But must just have been done while ago. :thumbsup:

    Received at 20.34.

    So the thing with Skrill 1-5 working days makes no sense??

    No matter what thanks to Jackpot Factory for sorting it out.

    Not sure if REP has helped on this. But happy to have received my withdrawal. :thumbsup:
  10. Mar 4, 2013
  11. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    The problem is that you were told repeatedly that it had been processed ages ago, and the problem was a delay at Skrill's end in not showing the credit. Now it seems the story is different, they processed it again, even though this means they paid twice if their earlier claims are to be believed. Since when did casinos pay twice so easily. Where were the requests for screenshots to prove you didn't get it that many players who make such claims have to go through. It looks like someone actually bothered to check the records, and discovered that you were right after all, the payment had failed (or never been made).

    Even more shocking when you realise that JF use their own "in house" processor, not some hard to contact third party. JF staff should have easy access to the cashiers, and the actual processing staff. Checking the records should be easy, a quick walk down the corridor if not a phonecall.

    I have been told that there is no avenue of communication between JF staff and their in-house processor. The only method is email, and it's not all that reliable.

    Perhaps they are run by teenagers, who despite merely being upstairs, are only able to communicate by text with a turnaround of a few hours. Tell them to go downstairs and ask a question, and they look at you as though you have just told them to climb Everest to get their dinner.
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  12. Mar 5, 2013
  13. PaaskeDenmark

    PaaskeDenmark Always think positive CAG PABnoaccred webmeister

    Clerk with shipping discounts worldwide
    Thanks for you inputs Vinylman always appreciated :thumbsup:

    Received my withdrawal statement.... strange funds allocated 3.12PM ??

    And funds were received 20.34 UK time in my Skrill. US 5 hours back?

    So this proofs support was not telling me the truth (or financial department were not). The last live chat I actually went less polite and told them to stop lying about my withdrawal had been processed or allocated and sent to Skrill account. As if that was true they would be in account instant.
    But kept pulling me around with 1-5 working days to Skrill and other problems :mad:

    Yeah I am happy about to have received withdrawal. BUT not at all how this has happened. ME that has to contact them ME that has to tell them everything. I did not received anything about or got told that when they tried sending them Wednesday that it had been refused when they tried. Not until Friday I finally got the news after I kept chasing them....

    Oh well rant over as said I am happy to finally have received withdrawal. And I know if I ever play there again and get problems then It is my own fault.


    Dear xxxxxx

    Here is your Withdrawal Statement for 27 Feb 2013.

    Player Details:

    Casino Account Number: Vajrxxxxxx
    Player Name: xxxxxxx
    Email Address: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx
    Casino: All Jackpots Casino

    Statement Details:

    Withdrawal ID

    CashIn Date

    Amount Withdrawn


    27 Feb 2013 17:00:00


    Payout Method


    Date Allocated

    Amount Paid

    Payment ID

    Reference ID



    3/4/2013 3:12:01 PM




    Amount already paid for this withdrawal:


    Current balance to be paid:

    0.00 USD

    Best Regards

    Candace Brahms
    Financial Director
    All Jackpots Casino
    A Jackpot Factory Casino

    UK: 0-800-917-9087
    Canada: 1-888-328-4054
    Australia: 1-800-175-768
    Germany: 0-800-180-4037
    Italy: 0-800-871-147
    Spain: 0-900-931-936
    Rest of the World +44800-917-9087

    UK: 0800-9179159
    Canada: 1866-2697033
  14. Mar 5, 2013
  15. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Turn right, then right. then right again
    Did you contact the CM rep and allow them time to sort it out? You didn't mention it.

    If you didn't, you have been very unreasonable and have not given an accredited casino the respect it is due.

    Every time something goes wrong you fly off the handle instead of going about resolving your issue in a proper fashion.

    Calling their support "liars" is just childish. What would any of them have to gain from lying about your $400 cashout?

    It appears from what you said that the problem was that you changed your skrill email/account. MGS banking page asks you (IIRC) what your preferred method is before you submit, and also asks if your details are correct. It doesn't matter whether you used a new skrill account to deposit.....if you didn't change the details of your withdrawal preference then it would be paid to your old skrill account.....which it seems was the case.

    So, in fact it is most likely your fault, not the casinos. If you did change your preference, then please ignore the above.

    In any case, it appears the money was sent to the wrong account. The CSR may not have access to the details of the skrill account transfer, so quite correctly informed you it had been sent. When you told them (I assume) about the new skrill account, they would have informed the cashier. The cashier would then have to request a report from their processor, which can take days and is out of their control, as reports are usually a few days behind. When they received confirmation it was rejected, they sent it to the correct account. Given it was a weekend, it wouldn't have been sent til Monday.

    Casinos don't just reissue payments on a customers say so. Can you imagine how many times they get scammers saying they didn't get their money? It all has to be confirmed via a third party processor which takes time.

    Bottom line:

    1. Nobody was lying.
    2. Nobody was stalling.
    3. It could well be your fault.
    4. You owe VPL an apology for accusing them of rogue behaviour.

    VWM.....you're making stuff up again. It had nothing to do with delays. The payment was sent from the casino (to the CORRECT account) on Monday. NSF accounts and teenager etc....all way off. How about considering for once that it MIGHT be a genuine error that MAY have been caused by the player, instead of launching into a another "incompetent casino" tirade?

    The withdrawal was delivered in 5 business days as quoted. Considering a problem was involved, I actually think that'spretty good. Still, its more fun to slag then off via angry rants than to actually give them a chance to resolve the issue.

    EDIT: Perhaps Paaske can PM the VPL rep and ask them to explain in this thread exactly what happened? Just so we can know if it is VPL's issue, and therefore something for other members to be wary of, or a one-off error by the OP.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2013
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  16. Mar 5, 2013
  17. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    I am not making it up. I have personal experience of this BS from Jackpot Factory. Whilst uncommon, it has been astonishing to experience the ineptness of the organisation in identifying the problem and correcting it. They are just too arrogant to accept they could possibly be wrong, so stick to their guns rather than conduct a proper investigation. It's a case of "the batch job was sent to the processor, they didn't say anything went wrong, therefore it is 100% certain the payment was made, and any problems are not down to us". For 9 months, JF blamed Neteller for deliberately declining the payments made to my account, whilst for the same 9 months Neteller said it was impossible for their system to do this, and that JF were lying to me. When you have JF and Neteller both calling each others a liar, and leaving the player as the pawn in the middle for 9 months, they shouldn't get wound up when a player seems to conclude too quickly that they are being lied to.
    Casinos and processors should spend less time trying to blame each other and more time cooperating with each other to determine the actual cause of the problem.

    As for MGS banking, the option to correct details is not always presented to the player. Sometimes it seems the system takes over and has already predetermined the method of withdrawal based on past deposits, and will not allow the player to select another. Even where a method can be selected, the cashiers can override it when processing the withdrawal, something I have had happen at JF and elsewhere, with a withdrawal suddenly going back to a card I have not used in months, even though recent deposits have come via Neteller, and my chosen method was Neteller.

    The JF system itself can suddenly select a method last used up to 6 months ago, and process a withdrawal to it, overriding any recent preference settings. Using a fresh set of Skrill/Neteller details should automatically record these against the withdrawal preferences too, as players are assumed to only have one Skrill/Neteller account. However, if the old set of Skrill details had been used for a deposit in the last 6 months, they could randomly reappear at the processing stage, and the funds sent to an old set of details.

    The main problem is when the email address is used rather than the underlying account number, a choice made by the processor. Email addresses can change frequently as players switch providers, or find service with one deteriorates to the point it can no longer be relied upon (see PAB FAQ and "banned" non functional email domains). I don't believe a mere change of primary currency would sever all connections to previous account data to the extent that Skrill could no longer trace it under the old details. Money laundering regulations would prohibit such carelessness, else it would be so easy to launder some cash through Skrill, then delete all trace by changing email address.
  18. Mar 5, 2013
  19. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Turn right, then right. then right again
    We've heard the 9 month story.....several times, in this and other threads. We get it. Really we do.

    Whilst that's all very nice, it is irrelevant. Its a different situation. You're also drawing on experience that is not recent, and judging by the lack of similar complaints here, a very unusual one.

    Mistakes/errors DO happen. Software has limitations and cannot always counter every single problem with an instant solution I.e. updates and coding won't be invested in for a small handful of affected players.

    Money laundering laws now? Again, irrelevant. I'm also sure JF have retained counsel to keep them abreast of such things and their obligations, who are legally trained and know what they're on about.

    I meant you're making up conjecture to look like fact. You seem to think that JF didn't pay due to incompetence. I haven't seen any evidence of incompetence. In fact, it may well be of the OPs doing from the off.

    We should wait for the OP to give the rep the ok to post what happened.

    I will point out some facts though:

    1. The cashout WAS paid WITHIN the stated timeframe.
    2. The CSR did NOT provide deliberately misleading or incorrect information. The payment WAS sent to Skrill...just to the wrong account.
    3. IIRC, merchants don't know what currency your Skrill account is using. Whatever they send is converted if necessary.
    4. Based on the presented evidence, JF have done NOTHING wrong and have dealt with the issue as fast, if not faster than, many large operators would.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2013
  20. Mar 5, 2013
  21. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    This is the number 1 excuse casinos use to mess players about with their withdrawals.

    The CS still spouted the usual BS about payments taking up to 5 days to reflect in a Skrill account when sent. This is bollocks, and is always an indication that something has gone wrong, be that a minor delay to a major cock-up.

    CS delayed unnecessarily by sticking to the 5 day story rather than grasping that if the withdrawal had actually left their processor, anything other than instantly reflecting in the players account indicated a problem. In this case a problem was identified, and time was wasted in correcting it. CS should have known Skrill had "bounced" the earlier attempts, they failed to do the basic checks before assuring the player it had been processed, and all they need do was give it time to credit.

    My 9 month saga was no one off either. Despite the involvement of eCogra, JF did the same thing again and again, and had learnt nothing. It was only repeating eCogra's findings again and again to their CS that ensured each new incident was dealt with swiftly. This was not their competence, but ME telling them how their own systems work, and where to look to trace the error. This is something they should have known themselves, and should never be an issue that troubles a player.

    If they are not going to pay attention and learn, they are going to have to have it rammed down their throats until it sinks in.
  22. Mar 5, 2013
  23. Jackpot Factory

    Jackpot Factory Dormant account

    Content & PR Manager
    Hi all,

    I've just seen these recent message, and I would like to respond. PaaskeDKnowUK, while your withdrawal was processed in the appropriate time frame, I agree that our support agents could have explained the matter a bit better.

    Many web wallets, especially Skrill do promise "instant" transfers of funds. This is true, once the actual transfer occurs. Casino operators are required to conduct a number of security checks prior to the execution of the transfer, which can take some time. Our support agents were simply confirming that the casino had released your $400 withdrawal to our processor. The processor then does the necessary checks, and then performs the actual transfer of funds.

    We promise on our site that your funds, once out of the 48 hour pending period, will appear in your Skrill account within 5 business days. We are committed to this time frame. I hope you understand that with our commitment to responsible gaming, we must abide by these procedures.

    I also do have to address the ongoing conversation and accusations against our casino group. We are committed to processing our players' withdrawals in as timely a fashion as possible. Posting on forums and asking advice from other players is something our casino supports wholeheartedly, especially in order to learn from others who may have been through a similar situation.

    However, it's really inappropriate to speculate or pretend to have inside information about the casino and its procedures. We are not run by teenagers, and we actually don't have an upstairs :) . Communications with our financial processor are a certainly more secure than "a quick walk down the corridor"..

    Our players' experience is important to us and we do everything we can to make the banking process as smooth as possible. Please be assured that if any complication arises, we are always certain to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

    Best regards,

    Emma Ormston
    Assistant to VIP Player Affairs
    Jackpot Factory
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  24. Mar 5, 2013
  25. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Turn right, then right. then right again
    How do you know CS has direct access to whether a payment has "bounced". AFAIK this kind of information is usually only available to to the payments department. In fact, I will almost put money on it. The casino would only know if it "bounced" when they receive the payment report back from the processor. At best, these are usually 1 day behind.

    It is not unheardof for a Skrill payment to take up to 24 hours to reflect in an account. Most times it is pretty much instant, but this is not always the case. Hence, the CSR asked the customer to WAIT i.e. be PATIENT to see if the payment arrived. It is what they are obviously trained to do, and it makes sense, as the payment folks cannot spend all day chasing "missing" payments that may not even be missing in the first place.

    When you look at the timeline of events there is nothing unreasonable in there:

    OP submits WD - Monday

    Pending period ends - Wednesday

    Initial payment sent - Wednesday

    OP emails casino told to wait 2 business days - Wednesday

    OP emails casino. CSR says they will chase up with payments - Friday

    OP goes to chat twice. CSR says payment has been allocated to correct skrill account now - Monday (am)

    OP receives payment - Monday (pm)

    I don't see the "unnecessary delay". Casinos cannot and will not just re-issue payments on a customer's word. The fraudsters would be all over them like a cheap suit if they did.

    When the casino was told after the 2 business days they requested him to wait that the payment had still not arrived, they chased it up and he was paid ASAP i.e. Monday.

    It's a storm in a teacup, and you're making it into something it is not.

    What happened to you was a totally different scenario involving an NSF Neteller account. You can play the tune all night, but the fact is that the issue was resolved in reasonable time and JF were not "delaying" or "incompetent".
  26. Mar 5, 2013
  27. maphesto

    maphesto Dormant account

    Nifty: I just want to add to clarify, VPL is not involved in this issue. If I remember correct, VPL have 24h pending period, not 48 as JF. :)
  28. Mar 5, 2013
  29. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Turn right, then right. then right again

    Sorry guys!!

    JF it is....not sure where I got VPL from...except I was reading something about them the other day.

    Thanks maphesto :)
  30. Mar 5, 2013
  31. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    If I am told something by eCogra about the details of an issue, it is not me speculating, but them.

    The big problem is of course CS not explaining things properly. It is all to frequent for the term "has been processed" to be misused, when in fact the procedure is pending. Lengthy security checks should only be an issue when a player has just joined. For players who have been there for years, there should be nothing beyond the routine processing of the withdrawal.

    The move from 24 hours to 48 hours pending was the deliberate introduction of a delay by JF to the process for no obvious reason (given that 32Red can process a withdrawal within the hour for regular players). This alone makes any delay one day longer from the outset. The ending of the automatic weekend processing of routine requests also added a further delay, and not a necessary one.

    JF managed fine for years with a 24 hour pending period and having the option to flush on request. If there was any change, it should have been for the better as the industry matured, not for the worse.

    It mnay not be a "walk up the corridor", but there is no excuse for CS to be telling players that there is no available channel of communication open to them to expedite an issue with a withdrawal. Either internal communications are messed up, or the CS agents can't be arsed to provide this level of service so concoct some reason to enable them to wriggle out of it.

    When I had severe problems, even David Brickman himself told me how frustrated he was becoming at the lacklustre cooperation he was getting from finance, who would sometimes just not get back to him with an answer.

    Despite all the arguments, it still took JF processors 9 months to spot the "bleedin' obvious" NSF situation that kept occurring with their merchant account. For 9 months, I was getting nothing but speculation as to what the problem might be, and of course every promise that they had identified and fixed the problem was broken a week or two later.
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  32. Mar 5, 2013
  33. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    +1 (and then some) to that! Pretending to know when you don't isn't just a waste of bandwidth, it's misleading bullshit. There's enough BS in this business as it is without someone on the player side manufacturing it (apparently) without restraint.

    It's one thing to say "I don't know for sure but here's my guess: ..." and quite another to pull something out of your arse and present it as fact and first-hand knowledge. We could do with a lot less of the latter, imho.
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  34. Mar 5, 2013
  35. dandan

    dandan Seven day suspension for being a PITA webby PABinit

    hhhhhmmmm all jackpots!! Another ... for me... MC group that has over the last 6 months or so, taken my money without even a decent game play!!!

    Interesting that this delay in payment should come up on the forums. Seems it's common to put barriers in the way of withdrawals by MC groups these days.

    How can the expect to compete if they lose customers.
  36. Mar 7, 2013
  37. PaaskeDenmark

    PaaskeDenmark Always think positive CAG PABnoaccred webmeister

    Clerk with shipping discounts worldwide
    Have you tried 32Red???? :eek:

    Sorry for twisting this thread.

    Just wanna put this one to bed and say thank you very much to Jackpot Factory. Seen in light and end of all this, I am very happy how REP has responded and explained. I can confirm I will continue playing here, though having in mind having to wait up to 1 week for withdrawals compared to 32RED's 1-12 Hours withdrawals.

    Also I think Vinylman has come out with lot of good perspectives and opinions. Though also Nifty has hit couple on the nail and will agree with him on that. There were some of vinylman's wording I do not want to stand in for or total agree in Nifty and correct what Max posted :thumbsup:

    I know I was bit harsh on this problem. But correct Skrill email was given when I made withdrawal so this was not really reason for any delay. Actually as their terms there is and was not any delays :thumbsup:
  38. Mar 7, 2013
  39. Mouche12

    Mouche12 Kitty Lover PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABnoaccred

    Translator and facilities manager
    The All Jackpots rep responded by telling a.o. that they have the players' best interests at heart. If that is the case, why the extended 48-hour pending period?? Tsss....:(
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