GTBETS is NOT as good as VIP.COM - Careful with the CASINO!


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Dec 8, 2010
Not there.
Yes, I am sour grapes because I lost, so lets get this out of the way first. But here is my story.

I was a member at VIP.COM from 1998 until they shut down last summer. I was then told by my Casino host "Vince" that GTBETS.COM was basically a NEW and BETTER version of VIP. I trusted my host and signed up with GT.

Well.......Let me tell you first hand. GTBETS.COM is NOT the same as VIP in many ways.

First, I went from receiving 40% bonus on deposits at VIP to only 20%.

Second, I can't get my casino host on the phone or over the internet. He corresponded with me occasionally at first, but now....NOTHING. This is after I made special request that he contact me.

Third, Their withdrawal setup is crap. You are limited to less than $3,000 for each withdrawal. Then you have to wait. And wait.

Fourth, Their Casino Games are crap. They don't pay off and the idea of a "BONUS" round is non-existent.

Finally, Their method of deposit is very unpredictable. Sometimes you can use you MC and sometimes....well, you are left with nothing but inconvenience.

If you want to criticize this critique based on my losing at their casino, then so be it. Otherwise, I suggest you stay clear....or find out for yourself. You will see what I'm talking about.