Great Customer Service, surely worth a mention (Alice at Buzzluck, Steve at 32Red)


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Jun 14, 2006
Hi all,

As many of us feel, CS and payout times are the most important factor when choosing a casino to play at. I'd rather play at a 'comfortable casino' knowing there will be no BS if there are any issues.

I finally made a cashout at a RTG casino, Buzzluck (no cashout at a RTG ever in the last 5 years :eek:). I'd heard all the good things about the place and after 4 or so deposits hit a Random Jackpot. I cashed out 1300 Euros. I sent in the docs after enquiring where to sent them (thanks Alexbuzz, who responded on here really quickly).

After a day or so, Alice from Buzzluck got in touch as there was a problem withdrawing to my usual webwallet. She asked me if they could use a CC or Netteller. She advised to cancel the withdraw and re-submit with the new withdraw method. I did this and the cash was in my (dusted off) Netteller account within 2 minutes. Thanks again Alice, you're a star.

It makes all the difference, any other casino reading this.

Steve at 32Red has noticed I'd had a awful run on Tally-Ho and credited me with 50 credits. I didn't ask for this or expect it. I never complain about losses. Thanks Steve its appreciated.

Just to say, I'm no high roller, I play a fair bit but hardly excessively, yet these Casinos treated me like I play Baccarat at 1000 dollars a hand.

Alice Buzz

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Aug 22, 2009
Buzzluck's offices
Hey McLee321,

This is my first casinomeister post (certainly not my last) and it's to say; you really made me blush. I just started out at buzzluck and the comment really made my day, so thank you!! :)

As for you bigzedbud you just made my other day hehe

Thanks guys, I really mean it ;)

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