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Jun 25, 2010
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The two main problems with Grand Prive are as followed

1) They shut down there affiliate program without notice to the affiliates, yet kept running there casinos without any plans to shut themselves down. Therefore screwing affiliates out of any future earnings on players and also basically saying a big f** you, were keeping all the profits. That caused the first batch of sour grapes.

2) The switched from Microgaming to Bet on Soft, without notifying Kahnawakee (sp?) and there software provider. Essentially violating there gaming license, and causing a huge mess with MG.

So because of the two above scenarios, there are quite a few affiliates and people who have the belief that if they went that far to screw affiliates, gaming license providers, and software providers. What would stop them from screwing over players?
So there's just a big caution sign out there saying, if they've done these 3 things. What to stop them from continuing on and screwing everyone else over.

Yes I had a nice run with them, then after winning off of too many free chips. I had my account shut down for winning on too much free money. So after that, it's left a sour taste in my mouth.

Hopefully end of derail

I have played grandprive numerous times and have always been paid relatively quickly with no problems at all. I also find their service to be outstanding. Just my experience.
I get what your saying they seem to not be too loyal but I feel when it comes to MG f&$# them they abandoned the US which had to have hurt the casinos also and the Kawanhontos outfit what do they really do for anyone there badge is supposed to make a player feel better about playing there? I think Casinomeister does more for a player than some official guardian of online gaming. If RTG stayed in US why couldnt MG no balls? I loved MG and if and when US quits acting hypocrital,high and mighty I hope the US players boycott there A**:machinegu

I need a drink :drink:
IMO zero blame lies with MG.

The reason RTG casinos stayed is because, for the most part, RTG does not rigidly regulate its casinos like MG does. That's why you see very few rogue MG casinos and a million rogue RTG's.

The blame for our situation lies squarely with the citizens here who continue to elect these nuts in Congress to represent us.
I would also like to chip in here and say that Kahnawake had an epiphany several years ago now and has since made strenuous and sustained efforts to deal with player complaints in a professional and organised manner.

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