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Oct 20, 2005
i am sure every one is so sick of hearing horror stories about grand prive..... but i have one and just have to vent in case anyone (stupid like me) is still depositing there after all of the warnings

i have been a very loyal member at all of the gp casinos for yearssssssss, deposited a ton of money and yes cashed out for a couple hundred a few times at grand bay and bella maybe totalling 1000.00. in december they decided to get rid of western union so my depositing option left. i did in january get a credit card that i could use there and deposited several time into my grand bay acct. my birthday was june 1 and i didnt receive a thing from them--- -needless to say i was kinda pissed, after all, i had been depositing with them for years and i called and emailed and was told that my bonus to deposit ratio was too high, then told that in my other accts i didnt deposit since dec. 2005 and also i had to deposit 300.00 between bonuses---- ok, whatever fine

so i spoke with a lady there and was told you can deposit via money transfer now, great i have an option and that for my birthday, make a deposit and she would match my deposit. i did as i said depositing 40.00 and called to receive my match boonus---- and of course was told NO---- there was nothing they could do, i spoke with greg the manager and was told "keep depositing in your roadhouse reels acct" that is the acct with the least amount of bonuses---- ok, i said fine (still really pissed off) and my acct would then be reviewed for bonuses every 30 days. well, i deposited a few more times, then i called to ask when the vip cash back bonuses (the 20% weekly) went into your acct? i received an email from gregory smith saying that my deposit of 40.00- the cash back would go in thursday, june 22. on june 22 it was not there, so i called and was told - oh your not a vip now

i was so mad, he asked my who told me this but at the time i wasnt at my computer to get the email of who told me (which i know now is gregory)

i have been away from my computer since thursday, got here this morning, logged into my roadhouse reels acct to see if the 8.00 had been credited and my acct is locked, same with all of my accts

i called and spoke with jackie who said she would call me back in 10 minutes - she didnt- i had to call her back--- and she told me that is was a "management decision" to close my accts because of my deposit to bonus ratio and she couldnt help me if i had any questions to email ornella

i have never been treated so poorly in my life
first of all, it was the casinos decision to partake in forum contests (where i received most all of my bonuses), secondly it was the casinos decision to run the Match first five deposits at roadhouse reels last year,

if they offer these things why would they punish you for taking them up on their offers

i now see how this was put on the bad list

i am sooo upset i cant see straight

sorry to vent just want to warn others

tgbr00090529 (not anymore, it is closed)

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Hi Christy.......yeah, they're sure not what they used to be. They've been on the rogue list here for quite a while. Sorry they've got you so upset, but there's not much to do but let it go, and move on. You may wanna edit out your account # from your post, although if it's a closed acct, maybe it doesn't matter as much.
no, they have closed all of my accounts---- i guess that is what i am soo mad about, i have been depositing there (again) for the past 2 weeks

now they close my accts i just want to know WHY?

not that i would ever deposit there again, but would really like to know how they can be soooo rude
I would love to be a bug on the wall at Grand Prive just to learn the number of long time, loyal, depositing players they have pissed off and who no longer play there.

This group are going from bad to worse, yet they still have the eCogra seal!!! Surely locking accounts just because a player complains at inept CS and misinformation is against eGap, it is not a professional way to deal with customers.
I had already decided to never play there, now it's never EVER play there. They have already insulted the British, now they have started on the Americans and their VIP players!
If they cannot design good promotions that still leave them in profit it is not the fault of the players.
I don't expect reneging on forum contests was a good move for them, that's hardly the type of player community to get on the wrong side of, far better to screw with the uneducated "lonely" player who does not know any better what to expect, and can't do too much damage publically if they get wound up.
This makes me sick. The player loses a bundle and cashes out only a fraction of her deposits and is rewarded by being given the runaround for a mere $8 . The group should continue welcoming her with open arms. So what if the ratio of bonuses to deposits is high. The fact is she lost money and is unlikely to be in the category of 'bonus abusers', a term so commonly used by casinos to deny bonuses to players.

Christymv, after all this shabby treatment from Grand Prive, its time to call it quits and if you like Microgaming there are a couple of excellent casinos out there who will treat you well like Roxy Palace and 32 RED.

Shame on you, Grand Prive.

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