Got Damn I Was Hot Tonight


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Nice hits ;) Now could you just imagine hitting a pat royal on that? LOL

kk: Without a bonus claim the only card they could play would be "malfunction"...Let's hope they don't even go there.


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I'm sure that most if not all casinos have a maximum payout (excluding progressive wins) so would be surprised if you would get paid on a pat royal.


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I think you're mixing up max payout per month vs. max payout total. Personally, I haven't seen one yet that has a max payout (when you're not taking a bonus). If I ever see that in the T&C, I would never play there :eek2: I'm not sure about other casinos, but if this one wants to risk a $400,000 payout on a pat royal for the 100 play JoB, then they can take the hit if someone hits it and move on...


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You play dangerously for sure. Great Going. It does the heart good to see someone hit big. I know the feeling and it warms the cockles of the heart and the wallet.
You go.:notworthy


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KasinoKing said:
Jeeezus! (Sorry Lord!)
VP @ $500 a spin! :eek: Eeek :eek: Eeek :eek: and more Eeek! :eek:

Fantastic result! (Someone must have been watching over you! ;) )

Does this RTG pay out OK?

Breakaway is solid (Sci-Fi) sister.

Congrats!! Very nice.


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Exit stage left...

While I do not (as far as I know) have the powers of "THE FORCE" or "Spidey-Powers", I get the sense that someone's going to be banned real soon... I'm not sure why, just this feeling is all...

I'm having visions of EsquireXXX, I'm not sure why.:what:


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Here's a hit from the same casino. After I cashed out I had like $122 left in my account and decided to play with a bit: Too bad this wasn't for the $500 max bet I had the other night


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BreakAway Casino finished paying me in full on Monday. They averaged about $1750 a week in payments. I did lose about $1200 of the $5200 back with them. But have since made it up + some playing other casinos and poker. Well Done Break - Away!

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