Goodbye and thanks


Paleo Meister (means really, really old)
Mar 19, 2008
Hi All

Made a firm decision to finally pack up online gambling, self excuded my uk accounts,the UK market is unplayable now.
Tried Crypto casinos , no complaints but found I was spending far too much time with them and I have more important priorities now.
Enjoyed my time at Casinomeister, I hope I managed to contribute something and am greatful for the help others have given me over the years.
I wont be posting any more here and would just like to wish everyone lots of luck in the future.

Good luck in all you do mate.

I hope you are one of the lucky few who quit while they were ahead. I am sure you will find many more satisfying things to do with your time and money.
Wasnt going to post again but thanks for the nice comments.
Just to clarify my reasons,mainly down to my advancing years, time is too precious to waste on gambling now, My big
hobby is woodturning so will be be concentrating on that, also have a crazy rescue dog who needs endless walks a day.
Ashamed to say i have been gambling since I was 14 (long long time ago), more than enough for one lifetime
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All the very best mate.

As Jan mentioned pop in now and then, appreciate this website may not help when it comes to quitting gambling if you're planning to "dump" anything gambling related but maybe once every 3-4 month's to let us know you're ok?

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