GKFX - Bonus withdrawn citing abuse. Need to take it to court PLEASE help me


Jul 5, 2017
united kingdom
Hi everyone.

i am new to the forum so i am hoping that i am posting it in the correct place. I had a £15000 bonus with a UK company called GKFX. (in the uk it is similar to gambling but it is spreadbetting on financial markets). Ok after i had completed the wagering requirements gkfx removed the bonus saying that i had abused the bonus. i have been to an adr but it has not helped me. The next stage is uk court (money claim online)

I am sure that many other people have had similar situations before. so it is basically the bookie citing their term "if we suspect abuse we can withdraw the bonus" and then when customer wins the bonus completing the wagering requirements. the broker removes the bonus citing the abuse term.

so in the uk courts. if a similar situation has gone to court before i can use it as a precedant. by saying to the judge see case xxxxx vs xxxxx. and in that case it was proven that the term "if we suspect abuse we can withdraw the bonus" is against the consumer rights act 2015 or some other reason it would greatly help me.

Therefore if you know of any other case that i can quote please be so kind to let me know.

thank you


Meister Member
Mar 29, 2015
County Court Judges do not set precedents.

It doesn't stop you using other cases as persuasion material though.