Giving up on Online Casinos


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Sep 21, 2012
I have been an avid reader of this site. It seems to me that ALL online casinos cheat - in one way or another.

I play with William Hill. Here's the story.

1. I get a weekly Vegas offer.
2. Every week (when I lose), I have to chase up in order to receive this offer.
3. The same story this week.
4. However, this week, they (William Hill) have proven themselves to be nothing more than cheaters.

1. I sent in a print-screen, showing my claim to their Vegas cashback offer.
2. First, they say, "everything confirmed, wait 72 hours"
3. Then, they say, "we can't find your entry", despite earlier confirmation.
4. Talking with a different 'live chat' rep., I then get another nonsensical response, "You did not click to accept", despite the print-screen clearly showing this.

Utter rubbish. The only thing good about William Hill is making money off their shares. Playing on William Hill is a joke.

P.S. If anyone wants to see, I am happy to attach the relevant print-screens and chats. You can judge for yourselves.


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Aug 25, 2004
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Although William Hill is a VERY trusted and safe high-street bookies in England, you have to remember that their online casino is not run or staffed by people in the UK - it is an off-shore operation.
In my opinion their casino operation (including their affiliate operation which was sold out to rogues several years back) are not to be trusted 100%, which is why I stopped promoting them on my websites quite some time ago.

I'm not saying I have proof they deliberately cheat anyone, just that IMO there are a LOT of much safer places to trust with your money.
You can start by looking at CM's Accredited list (where you WONT find William Hills lurking!)

Good luck!


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Sep 21, 2012
Thanks KasinoKing. Hence my stress on 'online'.

I find it amazing that a brand like William Hill would allow its reputation to be tarnished by *less-than-ideal* online operations.

Saying that (this is a shot at their high street operations).....
I patronise their shop, let's just say, in London. I like to get my football wagers in early. I like to do singles, e.g. 7k on 2/7 odds. More often that not, I win. The manager told me that "We don't like people winning". So, my colleagues and I decide on a wager, pool together funds, then get a junior banker to pop over to the shop.

It's really silly! If they don't like losing (very understandable!), then why be a bookie in the first place? Also, even their own employees at the brick-and-mortar shop talk bad about them. Employees do moan about their employers (I've done it! :) ), but some of the things I was told were just downright horrendous.
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