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Giant Vegas Withdrawal Problem

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by Packerfan1, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Packerfan1

    Packerfan1 Dormant account

    Warning to all players considering the bonuses at Giant Vegas. This is a site being featured on two very reputable gaming sites (but not Casinomeister, that should have told me something) that I trust, so I took advantage of their "High Roller" bonus with a $2000 deposit for a $600 bonus.

    Played well over their T&C requirments and made a Neteller withdrawal request of $2500 on March 11. All paperwork for ID was sent to and received by GV on March 12.

    Today is 28 days. A slow-pay by any consideration.

    Along the way I've heard stories from support about delayed wire-transfers and now the latest excuse is that they need "Upper Management's" approval to release a withdrawal of this size o_O THIS SIZE???? Its a lousy $500 win! $2K of it is my money! That can not be a good sign of this casino's future. Apparently the casino's upper management just can't get around to approving any withdrawals over the last 28 days despite support's constant phone calls to them.

    I'm still naively hoping for a happy ending, but I think my money is gone. If this changes I will update in this thread. Obviously any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading, hope it keeps some of you from getting fleeced.


    PS- Desert Dollar paid me very quickly on my withdrawal - don't even think it was 3 days. Just watch the extra 10% Neteller bonus, you'll probably want to waive it as it will cut down on your expected return. FWIW.
  2. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht

    I received the same treatment, with the same ridiculous excuses, a month or so ago. It took affiliate intervention to get me paid in the end. My cashin was a few hundred greater than yours, no big deal at all. I've heard other cases also, for much larger amounts. No pay and no response.

    I believe this is part of the Vegas Magic Group, who also recently acquired Kiss Casino.

    Definately avoid this group of standard bottom of the barrel pond-life RTGs like the plague.
  3. DealerBusts

    DealerBusts Dormant account

    I played here cos the Wiz advertised it on his website (although according to some players, he doesn't really help that much if the casino screws you). I didn't have any payments problems as such but they don't tell you that the wagering for bonuses are carried over.

    And they also have misleading promo emails that don't tell you the real terms of the bonus (ie slots only wagering) and gave some half arsed excuse about having to check it yourself when the redeem the coupon in the cashier. That is enough to put me off and not play there again.
  4. hhcfreebie

    hhcfreebie Dormant account

    I made 4 deposits there and won 1-3 hundred each time. I was paid in full.
    Sometimes they pay in 5 days, sometimes it take over 2 weeks. I used to play lots of VP there but they eventually cut down the payout a lot. Playing BJ only count 50% of the WR so I had to play a huge amount for a tiny bonus on the 4th deposit.
    They seems to be okay but I'd rather play at other places ATM.
  5. andreah

    andreah Dormant account

    I have also had a poor experience, i have been waiting a month for an 1800 dollar withdrawal ( 2000 deposited around 400 balance in the account) this week i found myself locked out of my account and my enquiries yielded this reply
    "Thanks for sending us the information requested.
    Unfortunately I have to be the bearer of some bad news.
    Due to fraudulent issues with several players in your country the casino
    administration has decided to no longer accept any players from
    Australia. This must be the reason that you are unable to access your

    I will write to upper management now about refunding your initial
    deposit to your Neteller account. Please feel free to correspond
    directly with me until we resolve this matter "

    I wonder if australians are the new danes, with nationality an excuse not to pay them ?

    Andrea H
  6. m249a

    m249a Dormant account

    investors needed!!!

    I have an idea! Why don't I start an online casino? I will make great "bonus" offers...with of course t&c that make it next to impossible for anyone to ever realize a return. I will have only one game you can use your "bonus" on...like slots or something...and that game will always be "under construction...or something...so feel free to play any of our other great games" Then when you do play, and in the rare chance you "win" at another game you will be informed that we cannot process your withdraw because you did not meet our bonus requirements. Sorry about that sir, oh and by the way, feel free to reverse your withdraw and play some more...we have given you a new "bonus" just for playing!!! Now I will have to deal with the more "savy" players who know better than to accept the "bonus". Every now and again one of those will slip thru the cracks and win some money...Damn, now what???....oh, WAIT, I got it, I will send them an email telling them how sorry I am but because they were not within a three block radius of my company HQ that we will be unable to pay them because of too many fradulent players in their "area"...This is going to be GREAT...I need some investors...anyone intrested??? ;)
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2004
  7. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Sorry m249a, but I beat you to this one. It was launched last fall:

    Anyway, I've just popped an email to Giant Vegas. Let's see if I can get the ball rolling over there.
  8. m249a

    m249a Dormant account

    Ok ok...but what if we became partners? We could direct players to each others site and screw them twice...you can use the whole "sluts" thing and I could use...hmmmm.....maybe........a religous thing, like maybe after they get the shaft at your site they can come and play against.......dare I say it???...........Jesus.......yeah....I wonder what the wizard of odds will rate play and odds against Christ himself. Hey its workin' for Mel Gibson...why should he get all the $$$ for himself. I got a great idea for the "holy ghost" slot tourney. If you win you get to go to heaven....if you lose.....well I'll leave that one up to you..............I can see the ca$h rolling in now....... :thumbsup:
  9. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    this has got to be the biggest crock of sh&t I've heard this year!

    Ok, if they want to ban all Aussies from their casino BEFORE YOU DEPOSIT AN PLAY, then fine, do so. But they can't just retroactively apply this policy to screw you out of your winnings. I would suggest complaining to Neteller about this behavior as well.

  10. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Neteller has been notified via me.
  11. Packerfan1

    Packerfan1 Dormant account


    Thanks to assistance from Bryan and others, Giant Vegas paid me in full on day 32. :notworthy

  12. andreah

    andreah Dormant account

    hopefully they will also pay me within the next 32 days
  13. swamp

    swamp Dormant account

    I made a withdrawal request on March 5th... I had extensive conversations with the "casino Host" ... finally, today - April 12th - I got paid. The "casino host' told me that the last batch of "big winners" - which is any withdraw over 1000 - had to wait even longer than I did... Everyone so far though has gotten paid, just not timely.
  14. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler Dormant account

    Same problem here for me - I withdrew $900 from the $125 match deposit signup bonus and getting lucky on BJ around the 13th of March and I'm still waiting to be paid.

    Got the same lame excuse as many about the needing confirmation from upper managment from 'Sam - my personal useless waste of space' - or something similar.

    Definitely advise not to bother playing here - also from the wording of promotions it looks like they may now own Kiss Casino who not too long ago moved from Boss to RTG, so probably best to leave them alone as well.
  15. andreah

    andreah Dormant account

    still no sign of my withdrawal

    another week later and still nop sign of any money,emailing support receives a reply telling me to email Sam, emailing Sam gets no response ( sounds like he might be very busy handling hundreds of other similar emails) I'm presuming if I get paid it'll be like winning a jackpot.
    Show extreme caution with this casino, better yet dont play.
  16. jetset

    jetset Ueber Meister CAG

    The manager here is supposed to be Thorsten Hillebrecht ex Global Player (or was last time I heard - anyone know of any changes?)

    This 32 day BS has that ominous ring of cashflow problems again - we need to keep a cautious eye on these people and I would appreciate it if owed players would keep posting so we can track it.

    Bryan, did Neteller ever get back to you?

    My information was that GV and Kiss were operating out of Sydney, Australia.
  17. andreah

    andreah Dormant account

    Originally their website listed giant Vegas as being a successful australian management team ( or something to that effect) , which left me surprised when they locked my account as they no longer accept australian players, i think their website now lists them as licensed and controlled by a permit issued by the mistress of the half brother of El Presidente de Costa Rica ( or something to that effect)
  18. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler Dormant account

    Just to report I did finally get paid my $900 withdrawal on the 15th - more than a month after I had requested it. :eek:

    I'd actually got my balance over $1K from the signup and had left a couple of hundred in there to keep playing with - needless to say I've withdrawn the lot now, so I'm still waiting on another $178.
  19. mark53

    mark53 Dormant account

    GV is Screwing out of 4K....

    I posted my withdrawl on May 3 for 4,000...into net teller...did deposit more than i am withdrawling....I have been speaking to Sam on a daily basis and was told he has no idea who the head of the site is, didn't know when
    I was going to get paid if at all....When I tried to fax my info to them (proof of id) the fax machine was down and I was told to fax it to a local number in Costa Rica, where it did go through...they acknowledge receipt of my id...Sam has threatened to close my account down if I keep asking for MY money....but insistent as I am I keep calling since I have no plans on using there site anyway...I just want MY money...I am new and this is my first post if anyone can help in any way I would be most appreciative...I plan on pitching a bitch.....thanx for any help in advance...
  20. linda7

    linda7 Quit Gambling

    GV = thieves

    Hi everyone,

    I hope this finds everyone well and winning at your game of choice.
    Bryan, my good friend, Mark53 posted above about his situation. Since, he is basically new to online gambling, when he told me of his problem I suggested he contact you. Thanks Bryan, in advance, for anything you may be able to do. ((((hugs))))

    As for "Sam" at GV, in my opinion, anyone who lies for a thieving casino owner, is actully not a better person than those he is protecting. Therefore, as a thought Sam, (probably not your real name) I think you should change your name to "Dick", seems much more appropriate!


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