Geisha & Grand Aces Payouts - Need Info!


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Oct 2, 2003
If anyone has received a payout from GL or GA by bank wire in the U.S., please inform me as to how long it takes... In brief, I played their new RTG software and deposited $150 thru prepaid. I won $1500. Cashed it in, sent in the faxback form and received an email that it would now be processed. Greed set in, and I reversed my winnings...... but I ended up winning approx. $9K wrote them back requesting this amount be sent by bank wire into my account... This was 10 business days ago (their site states 5 business days). I got an email from the accounting dept saying it had been submitted to their banking department, and they would email me a confirmation number. I've tried calling, but customer service is in a different country then the accounting dept., and they told me that I would get a faster reply if I just kept emailing the accounting dept, as that is all they could do. (When GL and GA went to RTG, they signed on a customer service team located somewhere else, and the payment center would still be handled out of the original place.) My funds are no longer available for reversal, but on the show history page, it just shows the request..... Also, I did not select any bonuses or comps... and I won this by building up on VP & Slots. Any imput would be great! By the way Casinomeister... nice web page!

I played in GA Aug 20th. I made my $50 deposit through Neteller. I withdrew my $165 winnings on the same date. I asked for a Neteller withdrawal and my money was refunded back to my Neteller acct by Aug 26th. :D
I LOVE using Neteller. They are the best and safest way to move funds around. :proud:
Ok... it took a while but I got paid. I'm a newbee, can you tell. Anyway, they are reputable in my opinion, just took some time.

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