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Does anyone know anything about this casino?
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I played there a while ago, and don't seem to be able to cashout :eek2: . I've hunted all over the web site, and while finding the deposit section is easy, finding a way to cashout seems impossible. Their support seems non-existant.

If anyone has any experience with them and can help, that would be great.



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Have you tried calling them?

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Toll-Free Phone Number 1-888-771-9080
International Phone Number (506)-281-3400
And it looks like the withdrawal area would be after you logged in, but I don't have an account there to check that area.


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Jogumon. It looks like to me you like very much some wild
casinos we ususally don't hear much about like this one or
WildVegas. I presume it is the fastest way to encounter the cashout
hardship as I did when I was exploring that difficult way!:lolup:


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This is not a casino, but a portal of some sort. I would be very cautious.

Note: IQ Ludorum (the "IQL Casino") has a history of bad licensees. You need to do your homework before delving into this place head first.


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