Any Info On Gecko Casino?


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Aug 6, 2002
I run an online casino portal and today I got a phone call from a rep named Susan Rogers
Affiliate Program Representative
She was calling to see if I wanted to become an affiliate.
1-I do not know where she got my home phone number from
2-She had my personal email address which I do use to sign up for casinos I play at and for other affiliate programs. This is not the email address I display on my site.

I had wanted to check them out but I cannot find any info good or bad about them.

Does anybody know anything about this casino?
their web is
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I am not one to display or promote any casinos on my site that are trouble. I try to keep the casinos I promote only good ones.

Please let me know if there is anything on them

I was stupid not to ask these questions to her while she was on the phone, but she really caught me off guard and her accent was a little hard to understand, so I did ask her to email the info which I did get.

Thanks so much,
They don't have much ownership information on the site, which is a little hinky. They are hosted and licensed in Coast Rica. The software looks generic. I don't recall a lot of complaints about a Gecko Casino, but I suggest finding out who is the software provider for the casino package. Some software is known to not be fair, and you probably wouldn't want to sign up in that case.
Thank you Opa,
When I find out the software, I will post to see if its good or bad.

Thank you Opa,
When I find out the software, I will post to see if its good or bad.

Gecko used IQ Ludorum last time I looked, and had connections to a sportsbook called I have not heard anything bad about them.
Thank you jetset,
Its funny, when I started searching around for any info on them, there is nothing good nor bad. I just get a little worried when its a casino I have never heard of, especially when they had my personal info from where I dont know.

I just emailed them with questions, I also did ask them how they obtained my personal info. I cant wait to hear what they say. I thought our info was never to be given to anybody.

(Months later!)

I had occasion to re-visit this site recently and interestingly it has been the subject of a major revamp since I was last there.

It is now offering casino gambling on three platforms (IQL - I didn't know they were even still around, for goodness sake - DGS (Flash technology) and more recently live-over-the-internet from Casino Web Cam) as well as sport and race betting, bingo and poker through a sister site branded Poker Elite which has nine gamestyles but not much detail on network or poker software that I could find.

They also seem more than a little coy about their ownership.

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