Gambling Federation and the iGGBA


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Jan 16, 2002
This is a follow-up to the thread posted a while back when the GF rep, Talia, gleefully told us that Gambling Federation had been accepted into the iGGBA -

I spoke to the iGGBA director, Wes Himes, at the ICE yesterday. I wanted to know what the iGGBA's remit actually was and the process of approval of a new applicant. They do not have, it would seem, any regulatory capacity. (It's true that at no point did anybody actually make such an inference, but when we see "seals" for this or that software we tend to assume that the seal represents regulation in one form or another, so it's worth pointing out that this is in no way the case.) The iGGBA is a trade association, the benefits of which for the members being those of any such group - essentially United We Stand would be as good a summation as any. The process of application is: the council review the applicant; if there are no apparent problems that any council members are aware of, the applicant is required to agree to a fifty point plan and pay up the membership fee. If they're found to be wanting at any point, membership will be revoked.

I asked Wes how, since regulation is outside his remit, an unhappy customer, someone of the belief that one of their members was...a crook, not to put too fine a point on it, how that person should go about addressing the situation. The reply was to speak to the regulators. LOL, I told Wes there WERE no regulators, at which point he suggested I take them to court. I explained that I felt that there should be SOME direct line of communication through his organization, on ANY matter, that could be provided, since this company, one way or another, is a member of his organization - to say "talk to the regulators / take them to court" really is just too wooly. Wes said that if any aspect of Gambling Federation's conduct were in dispute, then the matter should be forwarded to them for perusal by the council, with a view to reviewing their membership - at which point I suggested I send them my play logs, along with an expert assessment, which I'll be doing. I'll also be requesting subsequent play logs, which I didn't request at the time, along with detailed logs of all cards dealt (I currently have only hand results). Let's hope GF have all the required information, since lack of it would be a breach of article 6 of the code of conduct.

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It really is a bit much that operations the standard of Gambling Federation - cheats - can seek, and achieve, "respectability" in the community at large, that community otherwise unversed in the specifics and day by day activity of the online gambling business, from associations with organizations such as the iGGBA - organizations which are wholly unaware of the history involved.

Hopefully I can provide them with some insight.